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Chinatown Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles Lim Lao Ngow

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Chinatown Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles Lim Lao Ngow

Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles Lim Lao Ngow

When it comes to street food in Bangkok, Chinatown is one of the places that offer good food with affordable pricing. Many tourists might avoid Chinatown due to the traffic but with the new MRT line, you just take minutes to walk to Chinatown from Wat Mangkon MRT station. With the introduction of Michelin Guide Bangkok a few years ago, there are many good food in Chinatown is listed in the guide and one of them is Lim Lao Ngow and they are popular with their fishball noodles.

Lim Lao Ngow is a popular fishball noodles stall that has been around for more than 80 years with three generations. They have many other outlets in the city but the original is in Chinatown Bangkok.

Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles stall

They are located in front of the buiding no. 299-301, Song Sawat Road, Samphanthawong Chinatown. It is around five minutes of walk from the main Yaowarat Road of Chinatown.

We spotted the Lim Lao Ngow stall and next to it is the Pork Satay stall and there are tables and chairs behind the stalls. We were lucky to be early as the tables are full after we seated. There were many customers stop by to take away.

Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles bib gourmand

We took our order and we ordered two dry fishball noodles. One bowl of fish ball noodle is only 40 Baht each and they are listed in the Michelin Guide Bangkok since the first edition with Big Gourmand.

Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles

The simple bowl of fish ball is better than other fancy food out there. The egg noodles are ‘qq’ or al-dente while the homemade fish balls are bouncy and soft in texture. If you drop the fish ball onto the ground, it can probably bounce off (literally). The taste of the fish ball noodles overall is simple and nice. This is comfort local street food at its best and it is only 40 Baht per bowl.

Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles Lim Lao Ngow owner

Chinatown Bangkok Michelin Fishball Noodles Lim Lao Ngow opens daily from 6.30pm to 11 pm daily. They will close if they sold out their fish balls.

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Where to stay in Chinatown Bangkok?

Grand China Hotel in Chinatown Bangkok

grand china hotel bangkok

Please check out Grand China Hotel in Yaowarat Road, they just refurbished their hotel and it is less than 7 minutes of walk from the Wat Mangkon MRT Station. Book it at: https://www.agoda.com/grand-china-hotel/hotel/bangkok-th.html?cid=1538606. Time to discover Chinatown Bangkok for more food and shopping too!

Fishball Noodles Lim Lao Ngow Address:

645 1095 Mittraphan Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100, Thailand

Phone: +66 81 640 4750

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