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Bangkok Pratunam Kuang Heng Chicken Rice

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Bangkok Pratunam Kuang Heng Chicken Rice

pratunam green shop

There are two chicken rice restaurants in Pratunam Bangkok. They are known by the colour of the signboard and they are Pink and Green. The green colour chicken rice restaurant is called Kuang Heng while the pink colour chicken rice restaurant is called Go Ang. Both of them sell similar chicken rice and Go Ang is the more popular chicken rice restaurant with ‘Bib Gourmand’ by The Michelin Guide Bangkok.

We were encouraged to visit Go Ang Chicken rice restaurant even by the locals but as their chicken rice was sold out, we went to Kuang Heng chicken rice restaurant which is located on the same row (facing Berkeley Hotel Pratunam). Kuang Heng Chicken Rice Restaurant is opened since 1934 and this around 75 years ago.

pratunam kuang heng chicken rice shop

We visited Kuang Heng chicken rice restaurant in the late afternoon, they just cooked their rice and the restaurant was busy as many tourists wanted to taste the famous chicken rice.

pratunam green shop chicken rice

We have attached the food menu so you know how much the chicken rice cost. This the November 2019 menu and not outdated menu.

pratunam famous green shop chicken rice

The chicken rice set is 50 Baht and we ordered the ‘boiled’ chicken only. For unknown reason, we forgot to order the deep fried chicken as we wanted to make direct comparison of this boiled chicken with the pink shop Go Ang boiled chicken.

kuang heng chicken rice set

The oily rice is priced at 15 Baht (butter rice) and the other side orders are around 40 Baht each and it is affordable.

The boiled chicken rice is good. We love the rice as it is fragrant (as they use Thai rice) while the chicken is tender but slightly dry. The thing about Thai version chicken rice is you get really tasty rice but the chicken is texture is softer than what you can get in Malaysia or Singapore. The chili is not that spicy with hints of saltiness. You can add some of the soup to complement with the chicken rice.

pratunam green shop chicken rice kuang heng

It is the methodology of boiling the chicken as Singapore version is dipping the chicken into cold water to create the smooth skin and the collagen texture while Malaysia version is you get more texture of the meat and also the flavour from the chicken. In Malaysia, they usually glazes some oil to add flavour to the chicken but they use local rice which is less fragrant.

To be honest, you will enjoy Thailand version boiled chicken rice but you won’t be super impressed. The Pratunam green shop Kuang Heng Chicken Rice is not as bad as we thought. After we tasted the chicken rice, some of my friends went to taste it and they didn’t enjoy it. We are not sure whether this is the issue of consistency or the bad chef day situation. This is as honest we can say about Pratunam green shop Kuang Heng Chicken Rice.

berkeley pratunam hotel

Where to stay in Pratunam? You can check out Berkeley Hotel Pratunam which is located opposite of the restaurant. For the best rates, book it with Agoda.com https://www.agoda.com/the-berkeley-hotel-pratunam/hotel/bangkok-th.html?cid=1538606. You can read all our stories about Bangkok at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand/thailand-bangkok

Bangkok Pratunam Kuang Heng Chicken Rice

Opening Hours: 6am–2pm, 5pm–12am

Address: 30 Phetchaburi Rd, Makkasan, Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Phone: +66 2 251 8768

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