January 29, 2023

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Opens in KLIA

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast Opens in KLIA

Remember we blogged about why so many shops closed at KLIA last year? They were revamping their retail spaces and they open more food and beverages outlets this year. Some of the notable ones are Costa Coffee, Din by Din Tai Fung and Ya Kun Kaya Toast at the Departure Level of KLIA.

Ya Kun Kaya Toast is a popular restaurant in Singapore and it is popular for their drinks and toasts. In short, they have similar concept to our Old Town White Coffee and they started in 1944. We had Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Singapore many times and they served simple good food.

Back to KLIA, the Ya Kun Toast is packed with customers. If you look at their menu, the prices are on the high side as airport rentals are high.

We ordered their signature set for RM 15.30 that comes with four pieces of kaya butter toast, two soft boiled eggs and one small coffee.

The toast are thin breads with kaya and butter and it is smaller than we expected. Once we checked the filling of the toast, there is only one small piece of butter unlike how it is shown in the menu.

We don’t mind paying RM 15.30 for kaya butter toast set but we expected more. Who will come back after an experience like this? We hope that Ya Kun Kaya Toast better looked at their SOP as this is not how we experienced in Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Singapore.

We understand that they need to make profit but not taking advantage of their customers. This is spoiling the legacy and the brand name of Ya Kun Toast Singapore in our opinion. Luckily, the coffee is still taste good.

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