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ArtBox Night Market Bangkok 2020

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ArtBox Night Market Bangkok 2020

artbox bangkok night market 2020

The first ArtBox night market started five years ago in Bangkok and it is one of the most popular night market at that time. The concept of first ArtBox is using the metal ship containers and selling food, street fashion, design, art with performance and light. It is a very successful concept and many called the first ArtBox Bangkok as the Container Night Market. ArtBox Bangkok night market was a pop-up night market so it wasn’t permanent as finding an empty land in Bangkok for night market is never easy.

artbox bangkok

The success of ArtBox Bangkok is also due to the rise of social media like Instagram and Facebook at the moment. Many people wanted to share their photos and stories with ‘hipster’ places like ArtBox Bangkok. They were the first who makes this ‘hipster’ night market concept and then the rest is history. The ArtBox Bangkok night market reopened in different areas of Bangkok from 2015 until 2019. The latest ArtBox Bangkok night market is at Sukhumvit Soi 10 (Nana) Bangkok permanently (until further notice).

Getting to ArtBox Bangkok night market is easy, you can walk from Nana BTS Station or Asok BTS Station. The ArtBox Bangkok night market is located in between both BTS stations and opposite Sofitel Bangkok Sukhumvit.

art box bangkok night market

You can’t miss the huge ArtBox light arch in front of the night market. The entire market is lighted so bright, you shouldn’t miss it.

art box bangkok night market live performance

We went there during weekday night and did a walkthrough video. Some of the stores are not open and probably they open for weekends. The night market was not that busy and it took us less than half an hour to scan through the ArtBox Bangkok night market.

art box bangkok nana mango bar

Compare to the previous Artbox Bangkok night market, this is probably the smallest ArtBox Bangkok night market. It is located at the prime area of Sukhumvit so this is probably the best place they can get at this time.

art box bangkok nana bar

There are many food stalls and we didn’t spot many fancy food stalls but they do offer many good food such as grilled food, steak food stall, fruit stalls and many more.

art box bangkok nana grilled food

They also offer pop up bars and live performances at ArtBox Bangkok night market. You can find many tables and chairs for you to relax while listening to the live band and live performances.

artbox bangkok cooper steak

Hence, there are many unique stalls such as portrait drawing stall and some other art stalls in ArtBox Bangkok night market.

artbox bangkok female dress

We were with our Thai friend and she found some good deals too. There are many fashion clothing stalls as well as fashion accessories stalls available.

artbox bangkok watches

We visited more than fifteen night markets in Bangkok for this couple of years and we blogged about it a four years ago and you can read it at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2016/10/top-9-night-markets-visit-bangkok.html.

artbox bangkok home dco

We felt that the night market craze is losing its steam compare it with a couple of years ago. ArtBox Night Market Bangkok 2020 is small in size but it is vibrant with its lights, the music keep the night market alive while you still can find gems in this market.

artbox bangkok 2020

ArtBox Night Market Bangkok 2020 is the latest night market in Bangkok that it located within the city. Most of the ‘new’ night markets you read out there probably need to travel at least 45 minutes away from the city. Like we mentioned earlier, you can walk from Nana BTS Station and Asok BTS Station and Terminal 21. ArtBox Night Market Bangkok 2020 is open from 4pm to midnight daily and enjoy everyone!

artbox bangkok places and foods

ArtBox Night Market Bangkok 2020

Address: Sukhumvit 10 Alley, Chuvitgarden, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Opening Hours: 4pm–12am

Phone: +66 92 260 7667

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