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Canswell Yikowabi Australia Abalone by O2Shop

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Canswell Yikowabi Australia Abalone by O2Shop

Chinese New Year 2020 will be ending tomorrow. Most Chinese will buy abalones for Chinese New Year or other celebrations such as birthdays or anniversaries. This year, we noticed that there are many abalones from China for the Chinese New Year season because their pricing is very affordable. However, we still purchase abalones from Australia as they are better in quality and taste. For Australia abalones, you should check out O2Shop and they offer brands like Canswell, Yikowabi and Gold Spring.

o2shop Canswell  Yikowabi  Gold Spring

For the past couple of years, we visited number of abalone farms in Australia and South Africa and hence we will explain more about farm and wild abalones. The wild abalones are the abalones caught in the sea while the farm abalones are from abalone farms. Abalones feed on sea water so the quality of the sea water is important. For abalones farms, they use and filter the sea water so the abalones are healthy and good for consumption. Southern Australia and New Zealand sea water is the one of the cleanest in the world so farming abalones are ideal.

There are strict laws in catching wild abalones in Australia and limited licences are issued too. One abalone catching license can cost millions and authorities in Australia are making sure that there are many wild abalones in the sea. That is why wild abalones in Australia is more expensive than the abalone farms.

abalone farm
Abalone farm in South Africa

O2Shop offer brands like Canswell, Yikowabi and Gold Spring. These are popular brands in Malaysia and usually exported to Hong Kong and China due to its high quality.

For Yikowabi Abalone, it comes with six pieces of small abalones. Preparing Yikowabi Abalone is easy as you just need to boil the gravy first and then pour in the abalones and simmer for 5 minutes and after three minutes, it is ready to eat. The abalone is tasty and the texture is just right, not too tough and rubbery.

o2shop yikowabi abalone

You can add broccoli or mushroom with the abalones or you can have it with your instant noodles too. The broth sauce is very tasty and immense in abalone flavour.

o2shop yikowabi abalone 6 pieces

Next, it is the Canswell Abalone. It comes with two huge pieces of abalones. Watch the video to see the size of the abalones and it is around 3 to 4 inches width. The Canswell Abalone is wild Australian abalone.

o2shop canswell wild abalone australia

The cooking method is the same as you just need to boil the gravy first and then pour in the abalones and simmer for 5 minutes and after three minutes, it is ready to eat.

o2shop canswell abalone

When you cook it at the right time, the texture of the abalone is soft and tender. The two pieces of abalones is good enough for two to four people. You can serve it with broccoli, mushroom, fish maw or sea cucumber.

o2shop canswell abalone cut

We realized that many people buy abalones without thinking where it comes from. Many people just want cheap abalones without knowing the origin of the abalones or what type of abalones. Abalones from Australia and New Zealand is usually more expensive as they have stricter regulations and they impose higher quality in farming abalones. Since you are paying for abalones, why not getting better ones?

For more information on O2Shop and their products, visit their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/O2Shop-100595828116864.

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