April 19, 2024


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Dadi Cinema China Set To Open in Pavilion KL Malaysia

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Dadi Cinema China Set To Open in Pavilion KL Malaysia

You probably read about this last year, Dadi Cinema Group is expected to open at Pavilion Bukit Jalil in 2021. GSC Cinema announced yesterday that they are closing down GSC Pavilion KL this month. Hence, Dadi Cinema will be taking over and expected to open this year.

dadi pavilion kl

Dadi Cinema Group is founded in 1993 in China. They are the China’s second largest cinema and management company and they will be entering the Malaysia market via Pavilion Group. Dadi Cinema in Pavilion is expected to open this year but there are no dates mention yet.

Dadi Cinema Group will be entering Malaysia market with existing local cinema players like GSC Cinema, TGV Cinema and MBO Cinema. We hope they will bring new digital cinema formats to Malaysia. Are you excited with Dadi Cinema China opening in Pavilion KL Malaysia?

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