July 20, 2024


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Flour Is Closing Down at Bukit Damansara

Remember our story on how We Spent RM 1k for Indian Food at Flour Bukit Damansara. The North Indian Food restaurant, Floor will be closing down end of the month.

flour closed down

They announced at their Facebook Page earlier this month that they will be closing at Bukit Damansara at the end of February 2020. If you read our previous review, we love the food despite the high price. They are closing down at Bukit Damansara not because business is bad but it is about high rentals and lack of parking and traffic.


Dear Guests,

We are overwhelmed with your response post our announcement to shift from Bukit Damansara (by March 2020). Thank you, we feel humbled.

You urged us to remain at Plaza Damansara and we tried to. Unfortunately we can’t.

There are many reasons for shifting but we shall state a few that govern decision making. Rentals have become extremely high making it very difficult to cope, too many outlets resulting in lack of parking and traffic is non stop. Plaza used to be quieter.

The positive side is we are building a brand new spot for you. The idea is to give you far better experience. We are building something which would compel you to come, or atleast we hope so.

We believe, everything happens for a reason. Every step, every decision is a learning. It was only fate that FLOUR ever opened. It is only our luck that you love us so much and are very vocal about FLOUR, helped us improve with your valuable inputs, had patience with us and still do. We dont know what is ahead of us, its the same feeling when we started FLOUR. We can only hope and are hoping that you will like your new FLOUR.

Keep your eyes on our facebook page for the announcement of new FLOUR and its location. Meantime, visit us whilst we are still here; I think maximum 30 days left!

Love you very much
Chef Yogi

indian Murgh Zaffran
Murgh Zaffran at Flour

We understand the situation as Plaza Damansara was not that busy until this recent few years. Hence, The Flour will be looking forward to a new location in Kuala Lumpur. The Flour will be temporary closed until they found a new venue and that is good news! We believe we will see the new Flour restaurant soon and do check out their official Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/FLOURRESTAURANT for future announcement.

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