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Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam Jalan Balai Petaling Street

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Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam Jalan Balai Petaling Street

If you walk pass Jalan Balai near Petaling Street, you will notice a long queue and huge crowd in front a restaurant. This is Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam at Jalan Batai and they are established since 1956. The 60 year old kopitiam shifted to Jalan Balai last year and it was an instant success. The Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam at Jalan Balai is more prominent and it attracts locals and tourists daily.

ho kow hainan kopitiam

Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam is located opposite Four Points by Sheration Chinatown KL. You can easily spot the long queue in front of the restaurant every day. There are more crowd in the weekends so do prepare for the long queue. Our advice is to be there as early as 7.30am to avoid the crowd.

ho kow hainan shop toast

The design of the restaurant brings back a lot of memories of the old kopitiams in the city centre. There are now a handful of them now in the city area. If you look at the details, the flooring, the walls and furniture offers the old kopitiam ambiance.

ho kow hainan shop menu

A lot of people didn’t know that Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam is a two storey kopitiam. Do ask for them for tables on the upper floor as the ground floor is usually packed with customers. We like how they designed the menu like the newspaper from the past.

We went there recently for lunch and we ordered their famous toast and dry curry noodles.

ho kow hainan shop curry noodle

The dry curry noodles come with curry chicken and potato. It is a simple bowl of goodness, dry noodles with splashed of curry sauce with curry chicken and potato. This is comfort Malaysian food, nothing extra ordinary or special.

ho kow hainan shop bread

For the toast, it comes with generous amount of butter and kaya. It goes well with their drinks.

ho kow hainan shop cham

We ordered Ice Cham (coffee + tea) and it is thick and strong in flavour. This is a good way to kick start the day with an Ice Cham.

Overall, it is good food at Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam Jalan Balai. Is it worth the long queue? Well, if you enjoy local food, great kaya butter toast and a cuppa of Cham, it is worth the queue. Don’t expect extra ordinary food but comfort food at Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam Jalan Balai.

ho kow hainan shop places and foods

The good news is Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam Jalan Balai is near Petaling Street, a stone throw away from the Pasar Seni MRT Station and plenty of expensive parking spaces nearby. Visit Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam Jalan Balai early to avoid the massive brunch and lunch crowd. This place is a bit overhyped but still worth the visit.

Ho Kow Hainam Kopitiam

Opening Hours: 7:30am–3pm

Address: 1, Jalan Balai Polis, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Closed on Mondays

Phone: 03-2856 8287

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