January 29, 2023

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How Is Bangkok Dealing with Corona Virus Outbreak?

We travel to Chiang Rai for the Singha Park Valentine Balloon Fiesta and stopped by in Bangkok for two nights. When we were in Bangkok, we went to a few shopping malls, a few markets and restaurants. You might wonder How Is Bangkok Dealing with Corona Virus Outbreak? We could never feel safer in Bangkok.

We flew to Don Mueang Airport to transit to Chiang Rai and flew to Bangkok at Suvarnabhumi Airport and from Suvarnabhumi Airport to KLIA Airport. The significant thing we noticed is the availability of the hand sanitiser.

The airport offers hand sanitizers in many areas and even the restaurants in airport also offer hand sanitizer. For example, we had lunch at Ippudo in Don Mueang and there is one hand sanitizer for the guests.

Back in shopping malls in Bangkok, you can find hand sanitizers almost every corner in the mall. For major shopping mall like Siam Paragon, they have the usual metal detector, the body thermal scanner, medical team and hand sanitizers.

We don’t make things up and you can spot it in our video. On top of that, the cleaning staff is busy cleaning the escalator handrails.

There are hand sanitisers almost every corner in Bangkok, even in money changers. These are the efforts put to make sure hands are clean as that is the fastest way to spread the virus.

Hand sanitizers at money exchange counters

At Suvarnabhumi Airport, it is the same thing with many hand sanitisers are strategically placed around the airport. Thus, there is also body thermal scanners too.

We didn’t take many photos during this Bangkok trip as we were exhausted but the Thais were doing their best to keep everyone clean and safe. Tourism is huge in Thailand and it is a team effort to keep Bangkok safe and clean from corona virus. How Is Bangkok Dealing with Corona Virus Outbreak? They are doing great!

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