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Coffee Shops and Restaurants Will Open As Usual

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Coffee Shops and Restaurants Will Open As Usual

Malaysia Restricted Movement is happening from 18th to 31st March 2020. This is NOT A LOCKDOWN as many foreign media and press reported. Please take note that most Coffee Shops and Restaurants Will Open Usual During Malaysia Restricted Movement.

restoran choon tien

We spoke to the usual coffee shop nearby and they will be opening but you can’t dine in. The food stalls will open but for take away only. The coffee shop will take away the tables and chairs so no one can sit in or dine in. Same goes to most restaurants, they will partially open but for take away and food deliveries.

Remember, this is not a LOCKDOWN and you still can drive around to buy food from coffee shops and restaurants. There will be strictly no dine in or get together.

Markets and supermarkets will be open during Malaysia’s Restricted Movement so you don’t need to panic buying. They will replenish the food items during this time. The purpose of this restricted movement is to stay at home and not going back hometown or balik kampung. Stay strong fellow Malaysians, we will go through this period of time.  

On another note, Grab Food is up and running during this Malaysia Restricted Movement.

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