May 29, 2024


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Just days before the Movement Control Order (MCO), we were invited to check out the new menu by ELEMENTS KL at TREC. ELEMENTS KL is open from 5 pm to 3am during normal days and they do food delivery, please check the contact below.

elements trec kl

This our second time dining here at ELEMENTS KL as were here for Le Petit last year and it was a memorable experience. During this time, we focused on their food and not the visual display. Now, let’s check out their new menu for 2020.

elements trec kl macho nacho
Macho Nacho

This is their version of nacho chips with chili con carne, jalapeno salsa, smoked cheese. This reminds us our days staying in Australia as we always order this. Crispy nacho chips with creamy smoked cheese and flavoured chili con and jalapeno salsa, this is the delightful.

elements trec kl truffle fries
Truffle Fries

Fries deep fried to crunchiness and topped with truffle powder and parmesan cheese. This is sinful with strong truffle and parmesan taste, you can’t stop having this.

elements trec kl steak sandwich
Steak Sandwich

This steak sandwich comes with Angus beef slices, sun dried tomatoes and mustard mayo.

elements trec kl garlic pizza
Garlic-ky Pizza

This is crispy thin pizza with garlic lime aioli, grated with parmesan cheese and comes with hints of spiciness. You can have this while enjoying a glass of beer or wine all night long.

elements trec kl caesar chicken
Crispy chicken slices

These chicken slices are lightly battered with crumbs, deep fried to crispiness with tender meat. We loved this especially when complement it with the sauce and the hints of acidic from the lemon. One plate of this is never enough!

elements trec kl lamb chop
Lammy Chops

Cute looking lamb chops with citrus, Asian Chimichurri sauce and lime zest. This is well marinated, the texture is spot on and this is very tasty. WThe chimichurri and citrus adds hints of spiciness and acidic flavour. e enjoyed this very much and we ordered another plate for this.

elements trec kl cod fish
Steamed Cod

Steamed Cod is using white cod fish fillet and steamed with miso, tofu skin, gingo nuts and Teochew sauce. This is East meet West dish and you will love the freshness and the sweetness taste of the white cod fish.

elements trec kl miss tropicana
Miss tropicana

This is coconut panna cotta, mango ice cream, kerisik crumble and sago. You get different flavours and textures from coconut panna cotta, mango ice cream and the kerisik crumble.

elements trec kl love at first sight
Love at first sight

This is classic apple strudel, which served together with cinnamon powder, crumble, and a scope of unique cinnamon ice cream. You gotta love that warm apple strudel and complement with the cold cinnamon ice cream.

elements trec kl danish pastry tray
Danish Pastry Tray

This is croissant, chocolate roll, and blueberry round danish, served with salted butter, vanilla chiboust, and berry jam. We can’t complain on the freshly baked warm pastries.

Overall, we enjoyed the food at ELEMENTS KL. Most of the food are tasty and we have our few preferences and they are the crispy chicken and lamb chop.

Just to let you know that they offer food delivery options at, hotline at +60221100677 or Whatsapp at +60127896509.


Opening  Hours :

Mon – Sun 5 p.m. – 3 a.m.

Address: Hive, Unit H-G-11, Trec

438, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel : 603-2110 0766

Whatsapp: +60127896509.

FB : ElementsKL

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