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JUMBO Seafood East Coast Seafood Centre Singapore

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JUMBO Seafood East Coast Seafood Centre Singapore

We visited Singapore frequently in the 1980s to 1990s as the exchange rates back then is still manageable. We stopped visiting Singapore in 2000s due to the high exchange rates. For this couple of years, we visited Singapore for reviews and bringing our family to Universal Studios Singapore. We still remember we went to JUMBO Seafood East Coast Seafood Centre in the early 1990s as our Singaporean uncle brought us there for the Singapore Chili Crab and the Black Pepper Crab. Twenty years later, we visited JUMBO Seafood East Coast Seafood Centre for their Singapore Chili Crabs and other seafood.

jumbo seafood singapore

We visited JUMBO Seafood East Coast Seafood Centre on a weekday evening for dinner. The seafood restaurant was busy with many locals and tourists. We sat outside as the tables inside the restaurants was full and it was a very windy evening so sitting outdoor was comfortable.

jumbo seafood clam
Bamboo Clam Steamed with minced meat

We started our dinner with Bamboo Clam Steamed with minced meat. It is hard to get such a huge size of bamboo clam in Malaysia and this is one of their signature dishes. We enjoyed the texture of the bamboo clam and also the taste of the minced meat and the glass noodles.

jumbo seafood salted fish fried rice
Fried Rice with diced chicken and salted fish.

The most significant thing of the fried rice is they use better quality rice in Singapore. For the taste, it is pretty good and the taste is very enjoyable.

jumbo seafood drunken prawns
The Herbal Drunken Live Prawns.

First of all, you must look at the size of those prawns. For this herbal drunken live prawns, we enjoyed the freshness of the prawns especially the texture. For the taste, we would prefer the taste of the Chinese wine to be stronger. We do understand they kept the taste of the wine to be subtle as this outlet caters for many tourists. Some people might not enjoy having strong wine flavour so their taste of their herbal drunken live prawns is very safe.

jumbo seafood chilli crab
The Signature Chili Crabs

This is their award winning Signature Chili Crabs and the dish that probably makes them popular and famous. We ordered the XXL size Mud Crab from Sri Lanka. Here is the verdict, you can’t complain that fresh mud crab and the texture, for the taste it is gravy is sweet and sour with hints of spiciness. The gravy also comes with egg and this is enjoyable. We probably expect a more spiciness in the gravy but overall, the signature chili crabs are tasty.

Overall the food at JUMBO Seafood is good, it is a bit pricey due to the currency exchange. We probably expected more from the taste of the Herbal Drunken Live Prawns and the Signature Chili Crabs. The service here is good, something we must mention. We will definitely come back again in the future after we taste other Chili Crabs in other restaurants in Singapore. No regrets visiting JUMBO Seafood East Coast Seafood Centre again in Singapore.

JUMBO Seafood East Coast Seafood Centre

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 5 – 11.15 pm

Saturday and Sunday: 11 am – 11.15 pm

Address: 1206 ECP, #01-07/08 East Coast Seafood Centre, Singapore 449883

Phone: +65 6442 3435

Reservations and Website:

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