July 21, 2024


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Fukuoka Airport Information for First Timer

Plan to fly to Fukuoka, Japan? There is something you should know about the Fukuoka Airport. I travelled to Fukuoka last August and as usual, I did some research before I visited this beautiful city.

fukuoka international airport

For first timer to Fukuoka Airport, there are two airport terminals. The Fukuoka International Airport Terminal and the Fukuoka Domestic Airport Terminal. The two airports are divided by the airport’s runway so you need to take the free shuttle bus to travel from one airport to another.

fukuoka domestic airport

The main reason why you need to go to Fukuoka Domestic Airport Terminal because that is where the subway station is. The Fukuokakuko Station(Airport) is located at Fukuoka Domestic Airport Terminal and it is direct to Hakata Station.

fukuoka airport shuttle

The free shuttle bus takes around 10-15 minutes to travel from one airport terminal to another. This is a free shuttle bus so it is first come first hop on basis. There are a bus on 15 minutes interval and the earliest shuttle bus is at 6 am at Fukuoka Domestic Airport Terminal. You will reach Fukuoka International Airport Terminal at 6.15 am for the earliest bus.

The doors for the departure gate will open at 6.30 am but remember you have to queue to check in.

fukuoka domestic airport food court

In terms of food, there are more food option at Fukuoka Domestic Airport Terminal compare to Fukuoka International Airport Terminal. There is food court in both airport terminals but more restaurants in Domestic Airport Terminal.

If you do have any more questions, feel free to comment or let us know. Fukuoka is a quiet and calm city and we are planning to revisit soon. Read all our stories on Fukuoka Japan at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/japan/japan-fukuoka

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