March 30, 2023

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Muar Famous Ah Choy Wantan Mee

We blogged about that famous Oh Chien (Oyster omelette) in Muar and this time it is the famous Ah Choy wantan mee located at Kedai Makananan and Minuman Yong Kee. This is located at the famous Muar Glutten Street or ‘wai sek kai’ and you can find the famous oyster omelette, wantan mee, pork satay as well as otak-otak.

This Muar Glutton Street is one of the few places we don’t mind stopping by whenever we travel to Johor. We usually try to make it by lunch time as most of the food sold out so try to be there early.

The Kedai Makananan and Minuman Yong Kee is located at 80, Jalan Meriam, Pekan Muar. Finding parking might be hard and remember to pay your parking. Inside this coffee shop, there are a few stalls selling otak otak and also the Muar Famous Ah Choy Wantan Mee.

Muar Famous Ah Choy Wantan Mee is priced at RM 4.50 (small), RM 5 (Medium) and RM 5.50 (Large). This version of wantan mee is totally different than the Kuala Lumpur’s version.

Check our Youtube video on how they prepare the wantan mee. Muar’s version of wantan mee is mixture of dark soy sauce and chili sauce, the noodles is slightly thicker while their char siew is dyed red (typical Southern Peninsula Malaysia style) and the wonton is similar to KL’s version.

The noodles are slightly thicker and the texture is al dente, the char siew is nothing to shout about while the sauce is not that thick and sweet and it comes with hints of spiciness. Overall, this is quite enjoyable, something different than the sweet and thick dry noodles you find in KL.

The wantan is filled with minced meat with thin layer of skin, this is better than most stalls in KL.

Muar Glutton Street offers more than Ah Choy Wantan Mee as you can find oyster omelette, otak-otak and other local food all gathered in this street. If you are a food lover, you can consider dropping by here.

Muar Famous Ah Choy Wantan Mee


Kedai Makananan and Minuman Yong Kee

80, Jalan Meriam, Pekan Muar, 84000 Muar, Johor

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