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Niboshi Ramen at Nagi Ramen Fukuoka Airport

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Niboshi Ramen at Nagi Ramen Fukuoka Airport

We found this ramen shop by accident when we were venturing the food court of Fukuoka Domestic Airport Terminal. The best part of this airport is they offer many restaurants in this Food section of Fukuoka Domestic Airport Terminal. One of the restaurants is Nagi Ramen and their popular signature ramen is Niboshi Ramen.

nagi ramen japan

We did some research after visiting Nagi Ramen and we found out that they have dozens of outlets opened worldwide. including Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong and China. Their owner cum chef of Nagi Ramen is Chef Satoshi Ikuta is a popular ramen chef as the won the Tokyo Ramen of the Year Championship for three consecutive years!

Like many other ramen restaurants in Japan, Nagi Ramen use vending ticket machine. The first thing we spotted is the Niboshi Ramen or the anchovy ramen. Next, we ordered their unique huge flat ramen noodle.

ramen nagi fukuoka airport

This is a very modern restaurant as they are using the automated delivery conveyor belt to send you the bowl of ramen. We like how they setup the ‘cubicles’ as well as the touch screen pad for every customer.

nagi ramen options

This is our first time having Niboshi Ramen and we read from their website, they use 60 grams for each anchovy ramen bowl. Their broth is made from blending 20 types of anchovy that is carefully sourced from all over Japan.

You might think that the broth might taste ‘fishy’ but it is not. The first sip, you will get the aroma and the umami taste from the anchovy. That umami taste will makes you crave for more.

nagi ramen fukuoka niboshi ramen

For the flat noodles, it is soft in texture and very similar to Malaysia’s pan mee (flat egg noodle). Together with the anchovy broth, this Niboshi Ramen feels like the Japanese version of pan mee.

nagi ramen japan niboshi

Not forgetting is the huge slice of pork and we added another piece for 100 Yen. You can tell from the picture the pork is tender and tasty from the marbling.

If you feel that you want more enhance the umami taste of the anchovy, please add the anchovy vinegar that offers more punch and acidic flavour to the broth.

ramen nagi fukuoka

To be honest, we enjoyed this niboshi ramen at Ramen Nagi as it tastes better than some popular Hakata Ramen in Fukuoka. If you are Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal, we highly recommend you to visit Ramen Nai on the 3rd Floor.

ramen nagi fukuoka airport japan

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Niboshi Ramen at Nagi Ramen Fukuoka Airport

Opening Hours: 10:00~21:45

Address: Fukuoka AirportDomestic Terminal Building 3F, 767-1, Shimousui, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City

Tel: 092-611-2700

Website: http://www.n-nagi.com/english/

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