March 24, 2023

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AirAsia Implements New Contactless Procedures

What is the new norm of air travels? AirAsia will be rolling out new contactless procedures and will these be the new norm for air travels?

For your information, AirAsia Implements New Contactless Procedures including contactless payments at the airport, contactless kiosks, Passenger Reconciliation System (PRS) as well as enhanced features on its mobile app to help ensure a smooth and safe travel experience. 

The airline has set up contactless payment options including Wave payments for AliPay and WeChat Pay at klia2 in Malaysia, which will include other airports gradually. Other options such as BigPay and Touch N Go will also be available soon. 

The contactless kiosks are available at all operating airports across Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia and Japan from today, where guests making their essential travel can print their boarding pass and baggage tag after checking-in online on or through the mobile app, ensuring a full contactless check-in process. 

Another contactless travel procedure will be the Passenger Reconciliation System (PRS) which will be available at klia2, followed soon by other airports in Malaysia where AirAsia operates. The PRS entails no boarding pass exchange between guests and AVSEC (aviation security) as guests only need to scan them instead. Furthermore, AirAsia has also digitised the boarding process by scanning all boarding passes at the boarding gate instead of collecting stubs of physical ones. 

AirAsia’s mobile app will also see an enhancement later this month where guests can scan their passports via the app itself, facilitating a more streamlined user experience and a seamless and contactless self check-in process. There are also plans to progressively add other features such as travel visa scanning capabilities in the near future. 

AirAsia has implemented several new safety measures for essential travel. For more information please visit here

For those who are worried about future air travels, these new contactless procedures might be the new norm in air travels. AirAsia Implements New Contactless Procedures  at the right time so we know how it works while flying with AirAsia in the future. Please travel safe, wear a face mask, wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face. Be safe, travel safe.

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