January 27, 2023

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Get Taiwan Famous HiWalk Egg Rolls with KKday

During our last trip to Taipei, we stumbled upon this popular Taiwanese snacks shop called HiWalk. HiWalk is one of the most popular egg roll companies in Taiwan. If you want the taste the best egg rolls, you must visit HiWalk in Taiwan. Given the COVID-10 Virus and Movement Control Order (MCO) now, it is impossible to travel abroad now.

Now you can order Taiwan Famous HiWalk Egg Rolls with KKday.com. On top of HiWalk Egg Rolls, they also offer many popular Taiwanese food that you can order and they will deliver it to your door steps and find out more at https://www.act.kkday.com/souvenirs/en/index.html?cid=8500.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/49877507062/in/dateposted/We bought the original egg rolls taste and it taste them around one week to deliver from Taiwan to our door steps. They also deliver to countries like Deliver to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and USA.

What is so special about HiWalk’s Egg Rolls?

First of all, it is not cheap even you purchased it in Taiwan and their version of egg rolls are beautifully packaged in the striking cyan colour boxes and wrappers.

The size of their egg rolls is huge and it is as big as the size of the cigar. Unlike the usual egg roll of thin layer, HiWalk’s Egg Roll comes with many layers. The texture is crumby so every bite, you will get mouthful of the egg roll.

We enjoyed the HiWalk’s egg rolls and our boys loved them. If you miss HiWalk’s Egg Rolls, you can order them now via KKday at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/39351?cid=8500. You also can check out their other flavours such as Peanut Egg Rolls at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/39337?cid=8500 and Dark Chocolate Egg Rolls at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/39358?cid=8500.

Remember to use Promo Code: STAYHOME for 5% for all snacks products at Kkday.com

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