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Celebrate Father’s Day with Online Cake Delivery

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Celebrate Father’s Day with Online Cake Delivery

Remember, remember, 21 June 2020 is Father’s Day and it is this Sunday. Whether you are celebrating at home or outside with your father or grandfather, don’t forget to buy that cake! We know there are many cake websites out there but do check out Online Cake Delivery with as we ordered a cake with them recently.

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What is CakeRush?

We got to know CakeRush from our friends. They are popular in delivers fresh cakes and they offer free delivery service within Klang Valley for FREE. They also provide same day delivery before 3pm and that is pretty cool if you need a cake last minute. As you know, many Malaysians like to do things last minute but for Father’s Day, please book your cake ahead.

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How to order cake with CakeRush?

This is pretty simple, you just need to log on at, choose the types of cake you prefer, check the availability and book the delivery time slot (with your address in Klang Valley).

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With the expected high volumes this weekend, we recommend everyone to celebrate a day earlier so you can get your cakes delivered. Even if you plan to visit the restaurant, it will be cheaper to dine during non-special days like Father’s Day.

We ordered the Double Chocolate Cheese Cake for Rachel’s birthday last month and we really enjoyed the cake. The Double Chocolate Cheese Cake is by Madeleine Patisserie. You can get it at

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If you look at the photo, you can tell the Double Chocolate Cheese Cake is rich in chocolate taste and yet it offers strong cheese after taste. We love this cake at the first bite and this can be very sinful but yet satisfying. If you are chocolate and cheese lover, please order this Double Chocolate Cheese Cake and you will indulge every single bite of the cake.

Remember to check many other cakes available at What we love about them is the fast delivery, the freshly baked cakes and the delicious cakes!

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Do follow their social media channels for the latest cakes available at

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