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Finding Chicken in Betong Thailand

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Finding Chicken in Betong Thailand

Do you know many Malaysians find chicken in Betong Thailand from time to time? Betong is a border town near Pengkalan Hulu, Perak of Malaysia. It is one of the popular tourist towns in Southern Thailand for decades.

finding chicken in betong thailand

Many Malaysians will visit Betong for shopping, the cooling weather and to find chicken. The Betong chicken is so popular, other cities in Southern Thailand want to emulate their success.

What is so special about Betong Chicken?

Betong Chicken is free range chicken or we called it ‘kampung chicken’ (village chicken) in Malaysia. Unlike the conventional chicken that are breed in chicken farms, the free range chicken lives in bigger space so they are free to roam. Thus, the chicken is smaller in size as it is not as fat as farm breed chicken.

Where you can find these Betong Chicken?

Most Thai-Chinese restaurants offer Betong Chicken and the popular dish is the Hainanese style steam chicken. This dish is taken at Ta Yern Restaurant in Betong Town. You can always walk in and ask for Betong Free Range chicken.

betong chicken

Compare to the usual farm chicken, the Betong free range chicken offers more texture so the meat is tougher than the usual chicken. Most people prefer with free range chicken as it offers more texture with lesser fat, some also prefer the usual farm chicken as the texture of the meat is softer. It is all depends what you prefer.

No matter how, Betong Chicken has makes its name and you can see many travelers will travel to Betong to order and taste the Betong Chicken. We don’t have the information when is the Thailand – Malaysia border will open but we will announced it once we have the verified news.

betong tayern

We took the photos of the Betong Chicken in one of the local free range farms as arranged by Tourism Authority of Thailand. This is to show the actual condition and farm of the Betong chickens.

You can read all our Betong Thailand stories at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand/thailand-betong, have you Finding Chicken in Betong Thailand?

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