May 31, 2023

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International Flights in Thailand will not resume until September

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International Flights in Thailand will not resume until September

We just got the news from Thai Visa News and Thai Rath the Thailand Civil Aviation Authority (CAAT) has said it will be September before international flights to and from the country resume.

Even then manager Jula Sukhmanop said it would only be a minimal service if airlines offer one at all. 

He was speaking after the CAAT met with Thai and foreign airlines to discuss the way forward after Thai airspace is expected to be fully opened and further restrictions eased. 

Jula said much of the uncertainty comes because the Thai government and other governments around the world are yet to make up their minds about their regulations when it comes to the industry and matters such as quarantine. 

Airlines are reluctant to resume operations before they get clear guidance. 

Jula also said that even if airlines do start it will not be before September of this year and only then at a fraction of full capacity. 

He expects most flying in Thailand to be on domestic routes, not international.

Source: Thai Rath

Looks like there won’t be any International flights to or from Thailand until September 2020. We are still looking forward for good news for Thailand and Malaysia to open their borders.

We have blogged about this in our previous Thailand travel post, the safest place to visit when our borders open will be Thailand and Singapore.

The border towns in Southern Thailand needs tourists from Malaysia and there are over one million Malaysians travel to Southern Thailand annually.

Malaysia has announced six green countries that do not include Thailand yet but we hope there will be a new announcement on the status of Thai border in the future.

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