December 9, 2023


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First World Hotel Genting Highlands for RM 47 Nett

We are currently Cuti-Cuti Malaysia with our boys before they start school at the end of the month. After sitting at home for the past 3 months with our boys, we decided to do short day trips to a few places including Genting Highlands. We got to know the First World Hotel Genting Highlands for RM 47 Nett when we were at Sky Avenue so this is something we didn’t plan for.

first world rm 47

First World Hotel Genting Highlands for RM 47 Nett is for short stay of 4 hours only. This promotion is for walk-in customers at First World Hotel Genting Highlands and it is based on room availability.

We took our boys to the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park. It is RM 50 per person for unlimited day pass with unlimited ride in Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park. Each ride cost RM 10 per person so if you purchased the unlimited day pass and you took more than five rides, it is worth.

We heard the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park is packed during weekends so we went there during weekdays and it was very quiet. Hence, there are no queues and our boys enjoyed themselves on the rides. Take this opportunity to bring you kids to visit Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park before it starts to get packed. For RM 50 per day, it is cheaper than visiting those outdoor theme park.

It is a challenge for parents to have the kids to wear masks all the time. It is tiring but we are glad our boys manage to follow our instructions. This is the new norm and it is tiring for the kids and parents but it is for everyone’s safety. Safety first if you intend to travel with your family.

genting first world hotel rm 47

After hours of chasing the boys around the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, we took this First World Hotel Genting Highlands short stay for RM 47 Nett.

genting first world hotel check in

You can do it on the Self Check in Machine or you can do it over the counter. What you need to know is there will be RM 200 deposit, refundable when you check out within 4 hours and they will reimburse the remaining RM 153 cash to you.

The first thing it came to our mind is ‘Is the room sanitized?’ They told us that each room is cleaned and sanitized so we have the peace of mind.

genting first world hotel sanitized

Our boys were excited (as usual). Looks like they love hotel stays like us and we had the standard deluxe room with a Queen Size Bed.

This is our first time staying in First World Hotel in Genting Highlands and to be honest, it is better than we expected. The room was cleaned and it comes with flat screen TV, mini fridge, safe, individual toilet, standing shower and also complimentary coffee.

We stayed for three hours for our boys to have their afternoon naps, check out and collected our deposit balance and went to the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park for second round before they closed at 8pm.

genting first world hotel

If you want some really great deals for First World Hotel Genting Highlands, overnight stays, do check out Agoda at We spotted some real good deals but it is only for first come first basis only. Thanks for reading this and we hope everyone is doing well, travel safe and be safe. Cuti-Cuti Malaysia!

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