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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Hong Kong Bay Premium Musang King Mooncakes

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Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Hong Kong Bay Premium Musang King Mooncakes

2020 has been a rough year so let us have some positivity as Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon. This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival will be happening on 1st October 2020 and it is just weeks away.

We know there are hundreds of mooncakes in the market right now and it is so hard to pick one. Recently, we visited the Hong Kong Bay booth at IOI Puchong Mall and do check out some of the mooncakes we purchased.

hong kong bay mooncake booth ioi

They offer many types of mooncakes from traditional baked skin flavours to Musang King snow skin mooncakes – our boys love the durian mooncakes.

hong kong bay mooncake places and foods

This year, Hong Kong Bay unleashes their creativity in terms of product ranges and design packaging which brings the signature Musang King series to another level!

Let me show you Hong Kong Bay’s scrumptious and mouth-watering Musang King Snow Skin without further ado.

200 巴鲜果肉猫山王(小鲜肉)Super Fresh Musang King


In case you are wondering, this is not a mooncake but mochi with fresh Musang King filling. Mochi is a traditional Japanese rice cake dessert famous for its chewy texture.

Super Fresh Musang King has the perfect fusion between chewy exterior and Musang King flesh and our boys loved this as we chilled this in the fridge. This is definitely a sinful and yet delicious snack for this Mid-Autumn Festival!

mooncake mochi 4

The texture of the skin is chewy while the filling taste similar to an actual durian. After a bite, you will ask for more and my boys finished this in seconds as it is very delightful.

The packaging is pretty cool too as it resembles the durian shape and the box is also good for gifts as it is beautiful with the ‘3D durian thorns’.

猫山王小丸子Musang King Icy Mochi

mooncake mochi
mooncake mochi close up

When you see this, you might ask us what is the difference between 猫山王小丸子Musang King Icy Mochi and 200 巴鲜果肉猫山王(小鲜肉)Super Fresh Musang King?

猫山王小丸子Musang King Icy Mochi is smaller in size and it comes with three flavours – mango, strawberry and matcha (green tea). The texture of the mochi is similar but the chewy exterior comes with fruity flavours, whilst the filling is still the durian flesh.

Our boys enjoyed this too as it is cold and it tastes like durian ice cream. Most importantly, it is very colourful and it attracts kids’ attention immediately!

金牌黑金猫山王Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King

mooncake black 2
mooncake black 3

This is our first time seeing Black Gold snow skin mooncake!

This year, Hong Kong Bay sets out to impress eager durian enthusiasts by unveiling this Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King. This luxurious sinful treat is made by encasing the 100% pure Raub Highland Old Tree Musang King filling with the charcoal soft skin case.

Adding a touch of luxury to this exquisite delight is the brush of gold on the black-skin mooncake. What’s worth mentioning is the black gold cooler bag, which makes the whole packaging not only an ideal gift set for special ones, but also great for own collection.

Please take note that the mooncake is without food preservative and artificial flavourings.

What we like about 金牌黑金猫山王Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King is its durian filling. The taste is really good like no other! This is a must try for all Musang King lovers – you will not know the taste of true premium Musang King snow skin mooncake until you get yourself to immerse in this ultimate indulgence. Its creaminess and bittersweet flavours will definitely leave you wanting more!

顶级皇牌冰皮猫山王 Royal Snow Skin Musang King

moocake durian
mooncake hong kong bay durian

This is the classic durian snow skin mooncake that was first introduced since 2016 when Hong Kong Bay was established. Made with only real Musang King flesh, the Royal Snow Skin Musang King is a perfect choice for those who are going to try durian mooncakes for the first time.

From the photo, you can see the generous amount of durian filling in this 顶级皇牌冰皮猫山王 Royal Snow Skin Musang King. Without knowing, we finished the 顶级皇牌冰皮猫山王 Royal Snow Skin Musang King just while chit-chatting and enjoying family time. Bring some home to enjoy this with your friends and family too!

Looking for a great deal? Purchase these Musang King Snow Skin Series in combo set!

Set A : HKB Musang King Icy Mochi Set

  • Musang King Icy Mochi x2 boxes
  • Super Fresh Musang King x2 boxes

Free: Super Fresh Musang King x1 box & Limited Edition Cooler Bag

Set B : HKB Royal Snow Skin Musang King Set

  • Royal Snow Skin Musang King x4 pcs

Free: Super Fresh Musang King x1 box & Limited Edition Cooler Bag

Set C : HKB Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King Set

  • Superior Black Gold Snow Skin Musang King x4 pcs

Free: Super Fresh Musang King x1 box & Limited Edition Cooler Bag

Set E : HKB Super Fresh Musang King Set

  • Super Fresh Musang King x4 boxes

Free: Super Fresh Musang King x1 box & Limited Edition Cooler Bag


If you think that’s the end of it, you are totally wrong! Hong Kong Bay has never failed to surprise its customers with the most appealing, creative and innovative packaging. I am totally impressed by their designs for Premium Gift Set Series which perfectly elevates the experiences of gratitude, appreciation, respect and blessings among friends and families, as well as partners and clients during Mid-Autumn Festival.

Let me introduce the Top 3 Premium Gift Set Series which I personally find meaningful and are best for gift-giving during this reunion season!

同舟共济 WE’re Together Gift Set

mooncake together 4 cut 2

Hong Kong Bay is honoured to collaborate with the well-known gift specialist – Jin Ye Ye to launch the special series mooncake gift sets for this Mid-Autumn season. Jin Ye Ye has been taking part in inheriting Chinese gifting culture for decade.

2020 has been a challenging year for most of us. Hence, WE’re TOGETHER Gift Set would like to convey a message that regardless of how tough the situation is, there will always be someone standing by your side, embracing and getting through the hard times together.

mooncake together 4 cut

Not only does the wordings indicating the meaning of this gift set, the middle part of the box which symbolises a full moon can actually be lighten up which manifests the meaning of bringing hopes and joys to your loved ones during this reunion season. This is not just perfect for friends and family, but also clients and partners who have bear through the tough period together!

This gift set is perfect to express your love, care and gratitude towards business partners, friends and family members or even your special ones, who have been through ups and downs during the pandemic journey and are still being supportive. Hong Kong Bay truly believe this collaboration will bring the ultimate gifting experience to the consumers.

moonckae 4 box

Hiding within this premium case are four classic flavours of baked skin mooncakes (Low Sugar White Lotus with Yolk, Pandan Lotus with Yolk, Purple Secret and Pearl of Harmony) and two Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar.

We tasted all the four mooncakes and most of them are not too sweet and very enjoyable if you have it with a cup of Chinese tea.

月光宝盒 Moonlight Gift Set

mooncake old master q cut 2

This set certainly brings back the famous Hong Kong classic comic Old Master Q with this cheerful and funny character offering positive vibes for this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival. Hong Kong Bay intends to bring Malaysians back to the good old days where we used to carry lanterns and play around with candles.

mooncake old master q 4 2

The initiative takes mooncake packaging design to the next level with the mooncake box being able to be converted into a lantern – lighting the way down 2020. What’s more? This is also a musical box with LED lighting inside the box. The instrumental music will be played together with the spinning of the illustration of Old Master Q and his friends – how cool is that!

Within the lantern box you will find three classic flavours of baked skin mooncakes (Low Sugar White Lotus with Yolk, Pandan Lotus with Yolk and Purple Secret) and two Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar. As we mentioned earlier, the mooncakes are not that sweet and it is very enjoyable.

流心燕遇 Bird’s Nest Lava Gift Set

mooncake hk bay

Lastly, for health-conscious consumers, fret not, Hong Kong Bay has something special for you too!

Collaborating with JYNNS, a wellness brand that sources and creates the best healthy products for modern people, Hong Kong Bay crafts the premium Bird’s Nest Lava Mooncakes for those who crave for healthy, yet luxury dessert.

The mooncakes’ fillings are sourced from premium bird’s nest by JYNNS. They are made with exclusive recipe to preserve the nutrition of the bird’s nest, at the same time, elevate the taste of the mooncake.

mooncake hong kong bay

This is our first time having bird’s nest lava mooncake and it is amazing that we can actually taste the bird’s nest! There are four flavours and each and every of them are very special:

  • Sea Salt Cheese Bird’s Nest Lava
  • Matcha Cheese Bird’s Next Lava
  • Red Wine Cranberry Bird’s Nest Lava
  • Custard Coconut Bird’s Nest Lava


Booth - JB Paradigm Mall

We wish everyone Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance and if you are triggered at some point of my review, head to the nearest Hong Kong Bay booth to have a look or visit Hong Kong Bay Facebook Page to inquire more! Links are provided as below.

Hong Kong Bay FB Page:


Hong Kong Bay Booths in West Malaysia:


Jin Ye Ye Official Website:


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