February 9, 2023

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Seremban Street Crab and Lala Restaurant

We got to know this restaurant through recommendation of our friend who ate at this restaurant twice. They are located at 46 & 47, Lorong Haruan 5/2, Oakland Commerce Square, Seremban. You can check out the Google Map below or Waze yourself there from the PLUS highway.

This is a corner lot restaurant and they follow the RMCO SOP with social distancing and the registration and temperature check. We went during weekday so it wasn’t that packed as we were told you might need to wait during weekends.

The restaurant is popular with their cooking style without MSG and the owner kept reminding us that they use actual ingredients to cook up the flavor.

Braised Chicken with Coconut Cordyceps Flower

This is Braised Chicken with Coconut Cordyceps Flower and it is double boiled. The taste is pretty soothing even though without MSG and if you are soup lover, you can order this for starter.

Stir Fried Lala with Spring Onion

This is a pretty common dish you can find in most seafood restaurant. The stir fried lala with spring onion, lala is clean and not overcooked and this goes well with rice.

Stir Fried Water Spinach with Garlic

Water spinach is the English name for Kang Kung and instead of the usual stir fried belacan, we order something simpler which is stir fried with garlic. The water spinach is stir fried to the right texture and taste.

We were told that they have live XXL crabs which ranged from 800 gram to 1kg each. These are live crabs and you don’t get these live XXL crabs often. If not mistaken, they were charging RM 130 per kg for the XXL crabs so each crab is around RM 100 – RM 130.

Cantonese Style Crabs

This is their new dish and not from their menu. The Cantonese style crabs is fusion of spicy and ‘kam heong’ taste. The spicy level is mild, not intense but it offers gives the hot after taste that makes you crave for more. The fresh XXL crab is juicy and it blends well with this Cantonese style spicy cooking style.

Butter Crabs

This is their version of butter crabs with salted eggs. The owner told us that they use real salted egg and not salted egg powder with no MSG. You can spot the bits of the salted egg with the sauce.

When it comes to crabs, fresh crabs are important as you can taste the natural flavor of the meat. Their butter sauce is creamy with hints of salted egg taste and this is good.

You can complement the butter crabs with rice or their fried mantao (Chinese bun). Due to the buttery creamy sauce, our boys also enjoy this.

Seremban Street Crab and Lala Restaurant offer good service, no MSG and fresh live crabs. For the pricing, it is definitely cheaper than Kuala Lumpur and as usual, please ask the price of the seafood before you order to avoid any arguments. Will we come back for more? Yes if we are in Seremban and crave for good XXL crabs.

Seremban Street Crab and Lala Restaurant

Opening Hours: 12 noon to 10:30PM

Address: 46 & 47, Lorong Haruan 5/2, Oakland Commerce Square, 70300 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Phone: 012-236 3213

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