May 27, 2022

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The Most Beautiful Starbucks Drive Thru In Malaysia

Where is The Most Beautiful Starbucks Drive Thru In Malaysia? There are many Starbucks outlets in Malaysia but only a handful of them is Starbucks Drive Thru outlets. A few months ago, a new Starbucks drive thru opened near my neighbourhood and this is The Most Beautiful Starbucks Drive Thru In Malaysia in my opinion. This is Starbucks Jade Hills Kajang.

starbucks malaysia most beautiful

Starbucks Jade Hills opens in February 2020 before the Movement Control Order (MCO) and it offers outdoor seating with many parking spaces available. This standalone Starbucks Drive Thru is located near Jade Hills Kajang and it is often packed.

starbucks jade hills interior overview

You can find many customers chilling and doing their work at this Most Beautiful Starbucks Drive Thru In Malaysia. You can find the interior is mostly made from wood including the tables and chairs.

starbucks jade hills inside counter

There are two sections, one section for small group customers while the big area comes with comfortable sofas with tables, table for two seater and also long table seating.

starbucks jade hills interior seating

It is usually packed during day time as some customers come to do their work while there are parents who chilled here as Eaton International School is nearby.

starbucks jade hills natural light

During night time, most of the locals will come and chill and have a cuppa coffee or some of their snacks.

starbucks jade hills counter

I have been to many Starbucks outlets around Asia and this is one of the most impressive outlets in terms of design, space, ambiance and usability. This Starbucks outlet is so cozy, you can see customers chilling as if it is their home. This is the reason why Starbucks Jade Hills Kajang is always packed with customers.

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starbucks jade hills malaysia
starbucks jade hills placesandfoods

You probably spot me if you are lucky enough as I do hang out in this Starbucks outlet from time to time.

starbucks jade hills

You will probably agree with me that this is The Most Beautiful Starbucks Drive Thru In Malaysia if you visited this Starbucks Drive Thru outlet in Jade Hills Kajang. If you been here and you disagree, we would love to hear which is the other outlet that deserves the title of The Most Beautiful Starbucks Drive Thru In Malaysia.

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Starbucks Jade Hills Kajang opens from 7 am to 12 am (midnight) due to the RMCO (recovery movement control order).

starbucks jade hills

Starbucks Jade Hills Map:

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