June 6, 2023

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Thailand officially launches special tourist visa for long staying visitors

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Thailand officially launches special tourist visa for long staying visitors

In case you didn’t know this, Thailand officially launches special tourist visa for long staying visitors. Thailand’s Ministry of Interior has officially announced the special tourist visa scheme for long-staying visitors, as part of the plans to revive the country’s tourism industry while maintaining effective COVID-19 control and prevention measures. 

This special tourist visa scheme comes into effect from today (30 September, 2020) and will be available for one year, until 30 September, 2021. 

The policy will be granted to long-staying visitors from countries with lower COVID-19 infection rates, as advised by the Ministry of Public Health. 

These visitors are required to comply with Thailand’s COVID-19 control measures and undergo a quarantine in alternative local state or hospital quarantine for a minimum of 14 days.

They must also have proof of their long-term residence in Thailand; such as, payment for alternative local state or hospital quarantine, and either of the following: hotel reservation for long-stay purposes, evidence of ownership of a condominium, or house or condominium rental contract. 

In addition, they must have a health and accident insurance coverage that cover the period of their stay in Thailand, with a minimum 40,000 Baht coverage for outpatient treatment and a minimum 400,000 Baht coverage for inpatient hospital and physician services.

Long-staying visitors as qualified in accordance with the measures by the Ministry of Public Health and relevant government agencies can apply for this special tourist visa from Thai embassies and consulates worldwide. 

This is a single-entry visa to Thailand, valid for 90 days and can be extended twice, each for a further 90 days. 

The visa costs 2,000 Baht per 90-day period. It is around RM 265 for 90 days period.

The special tourist visa cannot be changed to other types of visa, and the permission as well as the extension will be considered in accordance with the rules and regulations by the Immigration Bureau.

The good news is Thailand offers special tourist visa for long staying visitors. The bad news is Malaysians are still not allowed to travel overseas until 31 December 2020 except special cases such as official visit, work related travel, medical reasons and emergency cases.

For more on Malaysians travel abroad, please visit https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/main?termConditionNXC

We will update once we have good news on when Malaysians can travel to Thailand as well as any new updates from Thailand.

This story is sourced by Tourism Authority of Thailand official website at https://www.tatnews.org/2020/10/thailand-officially-launches-special-tourist-visa-for-long-staying-visitors-3/

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