August 9, 2022

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Uroko Japanese Cuisine Section 17 PJ

We love Japanese cuisine and this is the reason why you can find many Japanese restaurants review in our blog. This is one of the best Japanese restaurants we tasted in Klang Valley. We went there before COVId-19 or MCO (movement control order) for dinner with our friends.

uroko japanese cuisine

Uroko Japanese Cuisine is located at 2nd Floor, No 22A-1, Jln 17/54 (Section 17) in Petaling Jaya. They are quite a popular Japanese restaurant in the neighbourhood.

uroko japanese restaurant section 17 pj
This is taken before MCO.

We went there for a dinner with friends and so we ordered quite a lot of food and we do mean lots of food. We ordered salad, sashimi, meat, tempura and more.

uroko Uroko salad
Uroko salad RM 32

Soft shell crab & salmon skin, served with sesame mayo sauce. Fresh salad with crunchy texture from the soft shell crab and salmon skin

UROKO ebi stick
Ebi Stick RM 24

Grilled prawn in stick with garlic sauce and fish roe.

Foie Gras Special with Special Dressing RM 48

Foie gras is not a popular food in Malaysia and we always find restaurants charging high price for it. However, we love foie gras so we ordered this. We enjoyed this very much as they cooked the foie gras to perfection in terms of taste and texture.

uroko tokujyo sashimi
Sashimi Tokujyo RM 220

Sashimi Tokujyo comes with three pieces of 8 different sashimi selected by Chef. We love the freshness of their sashimi and this is very satisfying.

uroko salmon head
Shake Kabuto Shioyaki RM 25

Salt grilled salmon head

UROKO chicken wing tebasaki
UROKO chicken wing tebasaki RM 9 for 2 pc

Crispy chicken wing that goes well with beer, why not?

uroko tempura mowaise
Tempura Moriawase / Mixed Tempura RM 40

Two pieces of tempura prawn, fish and vegetables

UROKO oyster
Kakai Karani RM 14

Oyster cooked with special sauce

uroko Chicken Thigh with Leek
Negi ma RM 5

Chicken Thigh with Leek with sweet Teriyaki sauce.

Seafood Fried Rice RM 16

You might have guessed it, we ordered the seafood fried rice for our boys. This is a small portion seafood fried rice.

Overall, the food justify the price we paid and it is better than we expected. The sashimi is expensive but in terms of quality, it is worth it and same goes to the foie gras. We spent quite a bit for our dinner and we enjoyed their food. We are not sure how well they are doing this CMCO but maybe booking a table will be a safer bet if you plan to visit Uroko Japanese Cuisine Section 17 PJ.

We just want to say that please take care of yourself during these challenging times. Be safe and take care. Kita Jaga Kita.

Uroko Japanese Cuisine Section 17 PJ


2nd Floor, No 22A-1, Jln 17/54 (Section 17)

Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Contacts: +6 017-673 9223

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