February 6, 2023

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Where Is Russell Taylors Come From?

Like many other curious Lazada customers out there, where Is Russell Taylors come from? We noticed Russell Taylors have been active on Lazada platform for a couple years and their home appliance products are relatively cheaper than their competitors. We are curious about Russell Taylors so we did some research online to find out more where is Russell Taylors come from and who are Russell Taylors? This is not a sponsored post or advertisement post as we just as curious as you. Now they are also available on Shopee at: https://bit.ly/3fGrBnP

Coming 12.12 Sale, you can see many Russell Taylors home appliances on sale exclusively on Lazada platform at https://bit.ly/3gqjdaM

Russell Taylors brand is created by a Malaysian called Satish Raguchandran. From what we read, he brings in products from China, go through SIRM certification and rebranded it to Russell Taylors.

Lazada also featured Satish on their Youtube Channel so this is not a hidden secret. They featured him three years ago on the video titled ‘Lazada Malaysia Seller Story: Satish Raguchandran, Founder of Russell Taylors.’

On top of that, you might noticed that Russell Taylors products are featured on CNBC. Is true that Russell Taylors featured on CNBC while some netizens said this is fake news.

Russell Taylors and Satish did in fact appeared on CNBC. They are featured in ‘The New Silk Road, Part 2: Malaysia’ documentary by CNBC International as part of the entrepreneur who benefited by using Lazada platform who is owned by Jack Ma.

This clears lots of confusion or misguided information online. For the Russell Taylors products, we are not their customers yet but we do fancy getting one of the kitchen appliances in the future.

Where Is Russell Taylors Come From? Russell Taylors is a Malaysian brand with Chinese products and Western name. If Satish is reading this and he is happy with this article, send us some appliances. Thank you very much.  

Check out Russell Taylors products on Lazada at https://bit.ly/3gqjdaM

4 thoughts on “Where Is Russell Taylors Come From?

  1. Good marketing. Many think its western products lol, but anyway good products I hope !

    PS: Great website!

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