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Biggest Siham at Krua Thara Restaurant Aonang Krabi

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Biggest Siham at Krua Thara Restaurant Aonang Krabi

For siham lovers, this is the biggest siham ever we encountered in our life and it is at Krua Thara Restaurant Aonang Krabi Thailand. We have travelled around the globe and this is the biggest siham ever. Siham is basically cockles, a type of shellfish and it is a popular food in Southeast Asia. You can many popular food like char kuey teow or curry noodles comes with siham.

Krua Thara

We stopped at Krua Thara Restaurant after taking the sunset pictures of the Aonang beach in Krabi. It is located at the end of the Aonang Krabi and the restaurant was very busy. The golden rule for a good restaurant is it must be packed with customers and hence we decided to have dinner at Krua Thara Restaurant.

It is a seafood restaurant catered for the locals as this place is quite far out from the tourist hotspot of Aonang town.

Krua Thara big siham

They offer many different types of clams but the huge siham caught our attention. Look at that size of the siham!

The siham is as big as palm size and this is seasonal according to the restaurant owner. Honestly, have you seen siham as big as that?

Krua Thara krabi siham

We took a photo of comparison with the usual siham and it is like 10 times bigger than usual. This is really feels like the queen of siham.

Krua Thara krabi 1 kg siham

We tried to order one but they insisted us to take one kg and it was around a few hundred baht.

Krua Thara krabi grill cockles

They grilled the siham and it is like the freshest siham you can ever get.

Krua Thara krabi cockles

It is pretty tasty but with such a big siham like this the texture is very tough like rubber. We have to cut it into pieces and eat it with the spicy chili sauce but if you have that much of siham, this can feed a family!

Krua Thara krabi promfret

On top of the siham, we also ordered steamed promfret with fish sauce. The fish is fresh, steamed to perfection and goes well with the fragrant Thai rice.

Lastly, we ordered the bamboo clam stir fried with chili. This is also a large size bamboo clam and the taste is very fresh with hints of spiciness.

Krua Thara krabi bamboo clams

The food here is pretty good in taste and local pricing but do ask for price when you order. This is a must whenever you travel in foreign places. We miss the amazing food in Thailand and will visit the Kingdom of Smiles when it is safe to travel. Take care and be safe everyone!

This is the Biggest Siham at Krua Thara Restaurant Aonang Krabi. Read all our stories about Krabi at

Krua Thara Restaurant Aonang Krabi

Opening Hours: 12.30 pm to 9.30 pm

Address: 82 หมู่ 5 อ่าวนาง เมือง Krabi 81180, Thailand

Phone: +66 75 661 166

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