December 7, 2023


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I Almost Died in This Cave

Time to share this story during this MCO 2.0 (Movement Control Order). For the past couple of years, I have travelled a lot and it is impossible that every trip is flawless with no incidents. This is a real incident and not a click bait and I almost died in this cave.

thailand phu pha phet cave light

This is Phu Pha Phet, Largest Cave in Thailand. Only a handful of people ever been to this cave as it is located at the province of Satun bordering Malaysian state of Perlis. While many people not know about Satun but they do know about Koh Lipe island which is part of the province.

I visited Phu Pha Phet cave twice and this incident happened on the second visit. The Phu Pha Phet is the largest cave in Thailand and you need to hike a bit before entering the cave via a small hole. The hole is big enough for one person to squeeze in.

Thailand phu pha phet cave

There are many wooden walkways and stairs in the cave and you can spent hours walking around within the cave.

There are some sections with lights but most sections are pitch black. You need to wear the helmet light to walk around.

Thailand phu pha phet cave green stone

The highlight of the save is a green stone within the cave and at selected time, the sun will actually light up the stone.

What happened is during my way back to the entrance of the cave with the rest of my friends, we were walking back the wooden walkway.

Thailand phu pha phet cave walkway

One of the wooden plank snaps and I was falling down. A quick reflex from one of my friends, he pulled my hand in time and I manage escaped the fall. If none of them manage to catch me in time, I will just go free falling down. I almost died in this cave.

It was pure bad luck and I had another fall at the waterfall after this incident in the cave on the same day. Maybe I said something wrong in the cave if you know what is ‘pantang’. Pantang means like taboo, certain things we can speak or do in the jungle. In Malaysia, there are basic jungle rules that we must adhere or maybe I just did something wrong breaking the taboo.  

Please take note accidents do happen when you travel and get your travel insurance. There are also some other incidents that I will blog about it soon.

Thailand phu pha phet cave walkway stairs

This is how I almost died in this cave. Please take care of yourself and be safe. Kita jaga kita. Travel when it is safe to do so and you can read all my stories about Thailand at

Phu Pha Phet Largest Cave in Thailand

Address: Palm Phatthana, Manang District, Satun 91130, Thailand

Phu Pha Phet GPS: 7.124562, 99.998352

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