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The Museum Starling Mall Best Char Siew from Ipoh

The Museum is a popular restaurant in Ipoh offers ‘towing’ char siew and they opened their second outlet at Starling Mall last year. We reviewed a few popular char siew restaurants in Petaling Jaya and there is a new contender in town and they are The Museum at The Starling Mall.

the museum
The Museum at The Starling Mall
the museum starling mall
Love the British Colonial era decor.

The Museum is located at the Ground Floor of The Starling Mall (next to Starbucks) offering Chinese cuisine. The design restaurant offers customers a journey to the past of British Colonial era with Oriental wallpaper and decorations.

museum tow char siew
拖地叉燒  Towing Char Siew

Let’s talk about their signature towing char siew. The main reason it is called towing char siew because they sourced their meat from designated farm in Ipoh. These are special ‘hua nan’ breed pigs and the belly tows the ground as they walk. For char siew lovers, the char siew must be melt in your mouth and to achieve that texture, you need to get the best part of the pork belly.

museum starling mall tow char siew

The Museum Starling Mall receive their towing char siew from Ipoh daily by frozen truck so customers get fresh char siew every day. The towing char siew is usually sold out in the late afternoon.

The Museum offers couple of dozens towing char siew daily and that is the reason why you should visit them early during lunch time.

Now, the taste of their towing char siew. This is a classic melt in your mouth char siew. What we like about this towing char siew is the outer layer crust is not too caramelized and not too sweet. You can keep on eating this char siew without ‘jelat’ or filling over the top. We honestly feel this is probably the best char siew in PJ.

If you do not believe us, go and try it and let us know what you feel.

museum starling mall prawn fried chicken
 蝦酱炸雞 Prawn Paste Chicken

Crispy fried chicken as they coated with prawn paste. You can taste hints of the prawn paste with crispy chicken and this is for fried chicken wings lovers.

museum yu xiang lala
 滋味渔香啦啦 Yu Xiang Lala

One of my favourite lala dishes, the lala is cooked to perfection stir fried with their signature sauce. Love the hints of the spiciness and the Chinese wine, this complements well with the rice.

museum starling mall paku
蝦皮家菇菜 Wild Paku with Crispy Shrimp

There are not many places offer wild paku in their menu. The reason they called it wild paku as they got their supply from the orang asli. Thus, this is the ‘organic’ wild paku from the forest and the taste is better than the farm ones. Their version comes with crispy shrimp and always love the taste and texture of the paku.

museum starling mall Seafood Congee (promfret)
家鄉海鲜粥 (斗底鯧) Seafood Congee (promfret)


If you want something light, you can order this Seafood Congee with Promfret Fish. This comes with one fish and it is fresh while the congee is ideal if you want something light and simple. The natural taste of the fish and seafood enhances the flavour and the taste of this congee, simply love this.

museum starling mall crispy prawn

 秘制总厨炸蝦餅 Museum Prawn Crackers

Used to have this quite often during my childhood as prawns were cheaper back then. Their prawn crackers are crispy and not greasy while it complements well with the chili sauce. We love the crunchiness of this and this is addictive.

museum starling mall hot pork soup
 濃湯諸多補 Pork Treasure Pot

This pork treasure pot is quite similar with Kajang hot soup. The pork treasure pot comes with hot pepperish taste while the meat is tender and if you are a hot soup lover, this is a must order!

museum starling mall curry mee with cockles
招牌乾咖喱血蛤麵 Dry Curry Mee with Cockles

For cockles or siham lovers, you should visit Musuem Starling Mall for this Dry Curry Mee with Cockles. The siham is cooked to perfection with texture while the dry curry mee is so good. You can literally say ‘please take my money and I want this!’.

museum starling mall review

Our first time visiting Musuem Starling Mall is better than expected. The towing char siew is a top contender for the best char siew not just in Ipoh but in PJ too. Time to check Musuem Starling Mall for their towing char siew and other dishes!

Do follow them on their Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/The-Museum-%E9%AC%BC%E5%BC%8F%E8%8C%B6%E9%A4%90%E5%BB%B3-296354644646946/

The Museum Starling Mall

Opening Hours: 11 am to 9 pm daily

Address: The Starling Mall, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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