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Nahm Bangkok

Nahm opened its door in Bangkok in 2010 and the menu is influenced by the street food of Bangkok and also centuries old cookbooks belonging to private Thai households. Nahm is a Thai restaurant and they are located within Como Metropolitan Hotel Bangkok. The legendary cook David Thompson worked with nahm and Como hotels for 18 years before he left in 2018. Nahm is One Michelin Star restaurant in Bangkok.

nahm bangkok thailand

Nahm is voted as No.1 in Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2014 and they are One Michelin Star restaurant for fourth consecutive years. After David Thompson left, executive chef Pim Techamuanvivit is the first woman to run the flagship restaurant at the Como Metropolitan hotel in Bangkok. Nahm is also featured in Condé Nast: The 2021 Gold List for The Best Bars and Restaurants in the World.


We visited the restaurant last year before the borders are closed as we were staying at Como Metropolitan Hotel Bangkok. Luckily, we managed to get a seat as the restaurant is often packed.

The restaurant is located at the lobby of Como Metropolitan Hotel Bangkok and it is quiet with low light and cozy ambiance. The first impression of the restaurant is this looks like a proper fine dining restaurant with soft music and the service is top notch.

nahm bangkok

Like many other Michelin One Star restaurants, they will guide you in explaining every single dish of the menu. They will explain the every single dish with the ingredients and the expected taste of each.

We ordered the Heritage Menu for THB 2,500 and they changed a few of the main courses when they relaunched of their menu late last year.

Please take note that the Heritage Menu is for single person and let us explain the dishes one by one. It took us quite a while to get the name of dishes right so this is the Heritage Menu at Nahm.


nahm miang nopakao
ปูซอนกลิ ่ ่น pu sorn kiln andเมี่ยงนพเก้า miang nopakao

ปูซอนกลิ ่ ่น pu sorn kiln and เมี่ยงนพเก้า miang nopakao

This is blue swimmer crab, coriander and pickled garlic on rice crackers with peanuts and live river prawn, chicken, green mango, snake fruit and herbs served on a betel leaf.

The leaves are crunchy and you can taste the texture of the prawn and chicken and you get hints of acidic after taste of the green mango for the miang nopakao.

The pu sorn kiln is crunchy rice cracker with nuts and you can taste the freshness and texture of the crab with the hints of acidic pickled garlic.


nahm yam pak yang tawai
ย าผกผลไ ั มอย่างทวา ้ ย yam pak yang tawai

ย าผกผลไ ั มอย่างทวา ้ ย yam pak yang tawai

This is the leaf and fruit salad with vegetarian tawai dressing. This Thai salad is crunchy in texture and it is refreshing. You get many different flavours when you take the first bite. The tawai dressing compliments well without overwhelming the taste.

nahm ngob talay
งบทะเล ngob talay

งบทะเล ngob talay

This is grilled banana leaf packetof blue swimmer crab, wild prawn, and red grouper seasoned with wild ginger and red curry paste. The taste is similar to Malaysia’s version of otak-otak. We enjoyed the different texture coming from the fish, prawn and crab. Usually we have either fish or prawn for our otak-otak and they combined three different seafood so it creates a good combination of taste and texture.

This offers a generous amount of filling and this is spicy in taste. The rice cracker adds the crunchy texture while the salad complements well with this dish.

main course

nahm tom yam gong
ต้มย ากุ้งกับเห็ดปา tom yum gung

ต้มย ากุ้งกับเห็ดปา tom yum gung

This is the Thailand most famous dish, tom yum. Tom yum goong soup comes with river prawn, wild mushrooms and chilli paste. The prawns are huge and fresh with great texture while the taste of the tom yum is spicy and sour and it is so tasty. The great thing about this Tom yung gung is it is not too sweet either. This is very enjoyable.

nahm namprik soka
namprik soka and กะปิพล่าพริกไทยอ่อน gapi pla

namprik soka and กะปิพล่าพริกไทยอ่อน gapi pla

The relish of crispy fish, fried alliums and chili served with crackling pork belly and relish of wild prawns from songkhla, chumpon shrimp paste, green peppercorn and samsa citrus.

We had similar dish in Southern Thailand without the crackling pork belly. The gapi pla is strong in flavour and you get that burst of spiciness for the first bite and it complements well with the egg and vegetables.

nahm Gung Pad Cha Karm
gung pad cha karm

gung pad cha karm

This is live river prawn wok tossed in chakarm thai samphire sauce with garlic shallots and peanuts. The taste of the sauce is similar to Malaysia’s style of satay sauce but this is lesser sweet and it is fragrant with the garlic shallots. The fresh river prawn is fresh with bitey texture.

nahm gang pu bai cha plu
แกงปูใบชะพลู gang pu bai cha plu

แกงปูใบชะพลู gang pu bai cha plu

This is southern yellow curry of blue swimmer crab with betel leaves and calamansi. In Southern Thailand, this is usually served with rice noodles and you can find this in Phuket. This comes with strong coconut milk flavour and it is enjoyable as it is not that spicy. It comes with fresh blue crabs and this is delicious. We always order this whenever we visit Phuket.

nahm Gang pa mu khao kua
Gang pa mu khao kua

Gang pa mu khao kua

This is jungle curry of pork hebs and toasted rice. You can tender cut of pork slices and the creamy curry sauce is immense in spiciness. You will sweat while eating this but you can’t stop eating because this is addictive.

nahm padpak goot
ผัดผ ักกูดไฟแดง padpak goot

ผัดผ ักกูดไฟแดง padpak goot

This is stir-fried young fiddlehead ferns. The texture is a bit gooey after taste, something different than the usual vegetable dishes.


nahm Temptations of Rice
Temptations of Rice

Temptations of Rice

This is fermented rice with alcohol and sourish taste and it comes with coconut palm sugar roast rice, young green rice sugar and sweet rice wafer. This is dessert shows different types of rice and this offers a sweet ending note for the Nahm Heritage menu.

What a feast! The Nahm Heritage menu offers you a unique taste experience of different types of local Thai dishes. What is unique is how Chef Pim recreates some of the local and popular dishes with her own character and style. This is the reason why Nahm Bangkok consistently retained the One Michelin Star.

We wanted to visit Nahm for a very long time and after this meal, we felt like we completed one of our food bucket list. This is totally worth the money, the food, the ambiance and the experience.

If you plan to visit Bangkok in the future, please book a table at Nahm and you won’t be disappointed! You can read all our stories on Bangkok at https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand/thailand-bangkok.

Nahm Bangkok



Monday to Friday

12.00pm – 2.30pm



6.30pm – 9.00pm

Address: โรงแรมโคโม เมโทรโพลิแทน 27 S Sathorn Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

Email: E. [email protected]

Phone: +66 2 625 3388

Website: https://www.comohotels.com/en/metropolitanbangkok/dining/nahm

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