April 20, 2024


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Petaling Street Chinatown KL during Chinese New Year

For decades, Petaling Street of Chinatown of KL is the place to visit during Chinese New Year. Many people will visit Petaling Street to get ‘bakwa’ (dried meat) and also Chinese New Year decorations. Some will come to visit some of the popular food.

petaling street kl

This year, Petaling Street Chinatown KL is empty due to MCO (movement control order) due to the COVID-19. We visited Petaling Street Chinatown KL last evening around 6pm and most stalls were closed or in the midst of closing.

petaling street chinatown

We spoke to a few stall owners and they told us, the Petaling Street Chinatown KL is empty and they never seen such situation before.

Petaling Street Chinatown KL used to offer night markets and it is popular with locals and tourists but they are closing soon as there are no visitors at all. By 6pm, everyone is closing their stores and Petaling Street Chinatown KL is just empty.

petaling street kuala lumpur cny

There used to be busy night market with stalls at both sides and now it is just empty street with a few people walking around. There were not many foreigners spotted and only locals manning the stalls. Even some of the popular food stalls closed early.

petaling street chinatown kl

This is Petaling Street Chinatown KL during Chinese New Year 2021. We hope things will get better for everyone soon! Take care and be safe!

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