April 12, 2024


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Don Don Donki Opening in Malaysia 2021

We first posted about Don Don Donki opening in KL eight months ago and many web portals are covering the same story. Many people probably know that Don Don Donki will be opening in Lot 10 KL but they won’t be just opening one store in Malaysia.

Don Don Donki Opening in Malaysia 2021

From what we know there are more Don Don Donki outlets opening in Klang Valley and Don Don Donki Lot 10 KL is just one of them. The second outlet will be opening at Tropicana Gardens Mall as they posted at their Facebook Page last year.

We heard there will be a third outlet in Klang Valley but we can’t confirm as there is no solid proof yet.  There could be food market too as we noticed that the official Don Don Donki Malaysia Instagram is named as Jonetz by Don Don Donki. This is food stall (yatai) concept adapted by Jonetz by Don Don Donki in Hong Kong and maybe that is the reason why they are hiring chefs in Malaysia.

Since we have been to different Don Don Donki around Japan, we are posting our photos and not photos from other people or Internet.

donki kit kat

What we usually buy is food, clothes, toys and souvenirs. They are discounted departmental store so you can get almost everything from Don Don Donki.

Don Don Donki Opening in Malaysia 2021

If you are big fan of Champion brand clothing, you can find them in Don Don Donki. The pricing of Champion at Don Don Donki is usually cheaper than retail but with limited design.

We usually carry an empty briefcase to buy snacks from Don Don Donki Japan. Some of the food we usually purchase is Calbee Jagalbee Potato Snacks, Ichiran Instant Ramen, Japanese Kit Kat and more.

donki ichiran

If you are big fan of Takara Tomy Tomica toys, Don Don Donki Japan is a great place to get them too. They are cheaper than what you can get in Malaysia.

Saying that, we have no idea what Don Don Donki Malaysia will bring in to offer in the local stores and their pricing too. If Don Don Donki offer competitive pricing similar with Don Don Donki Japan, we believe many people will visit them.

don don donki japan

When is Don Don Donki Malaysia is opening? We have no idea and it is better to follow them at https://www.facebook.com/DonDonDonkiMY and https://www.instagram.com/dondondonkimy/ for more information.

Don Don Donki Malaysia 2021

We are excited to know that Don Don Donki Opening in Malaysia 2021 as we are unable to travel to Japan anytime soon. Thanks for reading everyone!

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