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Is Sushi Jiro Malaysia Halal

Is Sushi Jiro Malaysia Halal? Many start to question Sushi Jiro after a Facebook post viral a few days ago. We shall not post that Facebook post as Sushi Jiro Malaysia has clarified the issue on their official Facebook Page today.

sushi jiro

We would like to clarify and reassure that we are definitely pork-free.

Regarding the fake information, we will investigate accordingly.

Thank you very much.

-Sushi Jiro Malaysia

sushi jiro halal

For those who wanted to know more why Sushi Jiro is pork free as they are using mirin for some of their food. We messaged Sushi Jiro and they replied as below:

Hi, currently, there are 3 items which contain a very small amount of mirin or cooking sake:

* Mentaimayo Sauce (items with "Mentai" description),

* Shoyu Ramen Soup, and

* Miso Ramen Soup.

We are working on recipe without mirin or cooking sake, and we hope to achieve this by June this year.

Thank you very much 😃

-Sushi Jiro Malaysia
sushi jiro mirin

What is mirin and why it is not HALAL? Mirin is a type of rice wine and a common ingredient in Japanese cuisine. It is similar to sake but with lower alcohol content and higher sugar content.

sushi jiro crab stick mentaiko

For your information, there is HALAL mirin such as Hinode Japanese Sweet Sauce Halal 500ml (Mirin Fu) and it is also available in Shopee at: https://shp.ee/zze69ft  

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Sushi Jiro Malaysia has clarified the Halal issue and in conclusion, they are pork-free restaurant and they will try to work on recipe without mirin by June this year. Thank you for reading.

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