October 1, 2023


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Thailand Plans To Open Without Restrictions by End Of October

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Thailand Plans To Open Without Restrictions by End Of October

When can we travel to Thailand? Thailand Plans To Open Without Restrictions by End Of October.
This is the latest news we got from Thailand as reported by BangkokPost a few days ago. Yes, it sounds like a good news but it is still in planning stage.

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For months, there are many friends and followers asked us when Thailand plans to open their borders. The real answer lies to the decision of the government of Thailand and it is the same situation we having in Malaysia, safety first.

For those who are eagerly planning to travel abroad, please hold your horses and wait until there is a confirmation that our country borders are open and the destination border is open. Until then, you can keep saving money as no one can predict when the borders are ready to open.

Thailand will be fully reopened by October and all Covid-19 restrictions lifted, if all sectors continue to cooperate with the government in its containment efforts, the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) hinted on Wednesday.

Among the major requirements for reopening the country, after more than a year of costly restrictions, was the public sector’s readiness to resume normal life, said CCSA assistant spokeswoman Apisamai Srirangson.

Speaking after a meeting of the CCSA’s sub-committee on easing business and activity restrictions, Dr Apisamai praised officials in Samut Sakhon, the epicentre of a recent wave of infections.

Active cooperation by the private sector and a similar good response by members of the public to the government’s Covid-19 containment efforts were two other major criteria to take into consideration before approving the full reopening of the country, she said.

“The proposal will be discussed at a meeting of the CCSA’s main committee on March 19,” she said.

Source: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/2081531/restrictions-to-end-by-october

The good news is Thailand Plans To Open Without Restrictions by End Of October but it is still in proposal stage. Remember, you need to get vaccinated first before you can start dreaming to travel abroad. Please register for your COVID-19 vaccination before you start thinking where to travel.

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For those who plans to travel to Thailand, you can read all our updates and stories at: https://www.placesandfoods.com/category/thailand. We are in contact with Tourism Authority of Thailand Malaysia on daily basis and we have any new updates, we will blog about it. Until then, please be patience, take care and be safe.

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  1. i hope the $100,000 insurance and coe and virus test is lifted by oct 2021.these are just to many restrictions to abide by.and cost are thru the roof.also its about impossible to get covid test and coe in time to get your flight.just a lot of hassels.i dont think many will come back to thai until those are lifted.as for insurance,just charge everyone coming into thai $200 to $300 usd for coverage.most will never use it so thai would make out great on the cash coming in.i would love to visit but just cant handel all those restrictions.

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