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Urban Ground Kelana Parkview Tower PJ

A place to gather, that is Urban Ground is all about. Urban Ground is not a food court but it offers four food options for you to choose and they are Chic Ole, Belacan Laa, One Bite Dim Sum and Gratzi Café. Urban Ground recently opened at Kelana Parkview Tower, Petaling Jaya.

urban ground kelana jaya

What is so unique about Urban Ground is the design and ambiance of the space. The interior is bright, colourful and trendy and it makes you feel happy to dine and hanging out here. Now, let’s check out the individual food outlets at Urban Ground Kelana Parkview Tower PJ.

Chic Ole

Chic Ole is a fast food restaurant offer fried chicken (original and spicy flavor), chicken burger, chicken nuggets, chicken popcorn and more. Let’s be honest, Malaysians love fried chicken and we are one of them.

chic ole fried chicken
urban ground kelana jaya chic ole

We tasted the fried chicken and it is pretty tasty with crispy chicken, tender and juicy meat. The side dishes like coleslaw and mashed potato is pretty decent too. If you are big fan of fried chicken, you can give Chic Ole a try.

Belacan Laa

Belacan Laa is not all about belacan but offers Malaysian kopitiam style food such as asam laksa, nasi lemak, prawn mee, ipoh chicken hor fun, toast and local favourite drinks such as white coffee, teh, cham, sirap bandung and more!

urban ground kelana jaya chic ole
belacan laa assam laksa
belacan laa nasi lemak

Who can resist Nasi Lemak with Crispy Fried Chicken and complement with that awesome sambal. The fragrant coconut rice, the crispy fried chicken, the satisfying sambal with the smooth ‘the tarik’, this is the perfect Malaysian food.

One Bite Dim Sum

For dim sum lovers, you will love One Bite Dim Sum, where they are using Halal ingredients to produce their delicious range of dim sum.

urban ground kelana jaya one bite
one bite dim sum

They are a huge varieties of dim sum with affordable pricing. Some of our favourite dim sum includes siew mai, prawn dumpling, sticky rice chicken, chicken pao, lotus leaf rice and more!


For coffee lovers, you can head on to Gratzi. The cafe offers coffee, fruit juices, cakes and more. If you plan to head over to Urban Ground Kelana Parkview Tower PJ for a meeting or a break, Gratzi is a great choice.

urban ground kelana jaya gratzi

We love the concept of Urban Ground Kelana Parkview Tower PJ. It carries their own identity and character and we would love to see them opening in other parts of Malaysia. The four food brands concept is quite unique as they offer new options for food lovers. We don’t complain for more choices but the most important is they offer comfort and good food. This is the new Urban Ground Kelana Parkview Tower PJ.

Urban Ground Kelana Parkview Tower PJ

Chic Ole Opening Hours: 10:30 am to 9 pm

Urban Ground Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 9 pm

Address: Kelana Parkview Tower, Ss 6, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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