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Our Top 5 Penang Food

It has been a while since we visited Penang. Whenever we visit Penang, we always find our top 5 Penang Food. We find these top 5 penang foods taste better than you can find in other parts of Malaysia. Of course, you might agree or disagree with our top 5 penang food as everyone has their preferences and taste.

foodpanda penang food

Here are our top 5 Penang Food.

Char Kuey Teow

Whenever we visit Penang, we must go for their famous Char Kuey Teow. The taste of Penang Char Kuey Teow is slightly different from KL’s char kuey teow as penang’s version is wetter in texture while the aroma of the taste is stronger. This is the reason why Penang char kuey teow is world renowned.

foodpanda ckt

We find that the portion of char kuey teow in Penang is smaller in portion but it is fine as we can taste other food too.

Assam Laksa

If you visit Penang without tasting the assam laksa, then you don’t consider visiting the state. Assam laksa is a bowl of multiple layers of ingredients, the thick savoury shrimp paste with bits of pineapple, shallots, onions, sardine or mackerel and many more. It is a mouthful of flavours and it never lacks disappointments. We prefer our bowl of assam laksa which comes with thick broth and lots of shrimp paste.

foodpanda assam laksa

The assam laksa is also listed as one of the top foods by CNN many times due to its unique taste.

Hokkien Mee

It is called Hokkien Mee in Penang but it is also known as Prawn Mee in Kuala Lumpur. Penang’s version Hokkien Mee is not the dark coloured thick yellow noodles from Kuala Lumpur or the light coloured yellow noodle from Singapore. 

foodpanda hokkien mee

Penang’s Hokkien Mee comes with a bowl of fragrant shrimp broth, mixture of yellow noodles and mee hoon together with slices of pork and shrimps and topped with fried shallots and chili. Usually the shrimp broth is cooked for hours so it is tasty and it comes with hints of spiciness from the chilli. This bowl of goodness is available in most food stalls in Penang.

Nasi Kandar

You won’t complete Penang without having the popular Nasi Kandar. Originated from Penang, nasi kandar is a meal of steamed rice with choices of a variety of curries and side dishes.

foodpanda nasi kandar

Some of the side dishes include fried chicken, curry beef, lamb, chicken, fish roe, fried prawns, fried squid and many more. Thus, the vegetable dishes will be brinjal, lady’s fingers, cabbages, beansprout and many more. The side dishes are different depending on restaurants or stalls.

Fruit rojak

Fruit rojak is made of sliced cucumber, pineapple, brown turnip, tofupok (deep fried tofu) and mixed together with thick savoury shrimp paste with crushed peanuts. Some versions come with bean sprouts, youtiao, raw mango and papaya. It is usually served on a plate or a takeaway Styrofoam with a small bamboo stick.

foodpanda penang rojak

Masterchef Australia judge George Calombaris fell in love with fruit rojak and was amazed by the texture and the variety of taste of it during his recent visit to Malaysia.

You can find fruit rojak on small stalls or converted motorcycle stalls and in food courts in Penang.

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