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The Truth About Traveling to Thailand for Songkran Festival

Happy Songkran Festival to all my Thai friends today. Time for a little story based on our experience. This is The Truth About Traveling to Thailand for Songkran Festival. This was made possible thanks to Wilbur from as he arranged our stay for us to celebrate Songkran Festival in Bangkok.


We met Wilbur in 2016 in Thailand, we planned for Songkran Festival experience in 2017. The photos are from four years ago. Even though we travelled to Thailand so many times, we only experienced Songkran Festival once.

Songkran Festival is the water festival and the major holidays for the locals. You will find most shops closed for 3 to 4 days even though it is the super peak season for tourists. Hence, flights to Thailand and hotel rooms are super expensive during Songkran Festival in the past.

songkran 2020

Is it worth it to travel to Thailand for Songkran Festival?

The truth is, it is worth every Thai Baht we spent in Thailand. We thought it is just another festival in Thailand until we experienced Songkran Festival ourselves.

We spent a few days in Bangkok for the water festival. From morning till late afternoon, we visit places for water fights. There are also some hotels will organize pool parties and such.

We feels like being a kid again. Spraying and splashing waters to strangers and it was really fun. Imagine going there in a group, you will definitely have a blast.

songkran festival 2021

Again, there are safety measures you need to take care especially when you carry a camera, a wallet, passport or phone. Make sure you have waterproof bag or plastic bag to keep your belonging.

There are few places for Songkran Festival in Bangkok and they are Silom Road, Khao San Road and Central World. Silom Road is the most popular place for Songkran and they have water refill stations for everyone and there are security personnel everywhere so it is safe.

We don’t really want to go to Khao San Road for Songkran as it was a bit too far for us so we chose Central World. The mall created two zones, one is the water zone and one is the foam zone. These two zones are free of charge and they also gave away phone protectors as well as mini water guns.

songkran foam party

We are not allowed to carry water gun filled with water into BTS train stations or subways. Make sure you empty the water guns before you enter the train station as they will inspect.

We got splashed and sprayed just in front of our hotel and while riding tuktuk. It was really a fun and memorable experience. Just make sure you bring enough clothes and wear comfortable clothes to get wet. This is Songkran Festival, their festival so it is norm to get wet.

songkran festival

The Truth About Traveling to Thailand for Songkran Festival is a must experience festival in Thailand. The best part is to visit with a group of friends and we can’t wait to bring our boys to experience one day. We are unable to celebrate Songkran Festival in Thailand this year but looking forward for 2022 and beyond.

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