May 28, 2023

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Kawan Salted Egg and Chicken Slices Pizza Review

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Kawan Salted Egg and Chicken Slices Pizza Review

This is another food product review. This is the Kawan Salted Egg and Chicken Slices Pizza Review. We bought this pizza (cheaper) from Shopee at (free shipping above purchase of RM 40 and above) from Kawan official store. This is 195 gram and it is around 7” inch in diameter.

Kawan Salted Egg and Chicken Slices Pizza is part of their ‘frozen pizza’ series and they also offer other flavours such as jackfruit raya, banana kaya, pepperoni chicken and four cheese pizza.

You probably spotted this at your local grocer or supermarket and wonder is it worth to buy? Well, this is the reason why we are going to give you the honest review.

Inside the Kawan Salted Egg and Chicken Slices Pizza box, the pizza is wrapped with a plastic wrapped with a paper base.

You don’t need to defrost to cook this so this is super convenient for me. After unwrapping the thin plastic wrapper, you can tell that they are very generous with their ingredients. Look at that amount cheese on top of that pizza, say good bye to those popular pizza joints with no topping.

Next, use an oven to cook it. You don’t need an expensive oven, even the small electric oven like the small Electrolux mini oven can do the job. Just preheat the oven to 180 – 210°C and bake it for 5 – 7 minutes. The Electrolux oven we are using can be found at Shopee at and we have been using it for more than year for baking, cooking and heating up food.

Once you smell the aroma of the pizza, the pizza is ready. Make sure you cut the pizza when it is hot and the topping is very cheesy indeed.

You can find chicken ham slices and the cheese on top of the pizza. The pizza base is just nice, not too thin and not too chick and crispy too. The taste of the pizza is like salted egg sauce similar to the Chinese style salted egg with the hints of spiciness from the curry leaves and this is really tasty and good. The sauce is creamy and the boys enjoyed this.

The salted egg topping is creamy, savoury with generous amount of ingredients, we totally loved this. Compare with those popular pizza joints, we prefer this Kawan Salted Egg and Chicken Slices Pizza.

You don’t need rocket science to bake this and probably cook it under 10 minutes from the freezer. One pizza like this can feed our two boys so we need two pizzas for the whole family of four.

This is Kawan Salted Egg and Chicken Slices Pizza Review and you can get it from the local grocers or supermarkets or buy online at Shopee at

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