March 30, 2023

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Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat Review

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Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat Review

Time to do a quick food product review. It is Movement Control Order and time to do more food product review as we feel this lockdown will be quite some time. We have bought many different type of luncheon meat and time to review one by one. This is the Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat review and they are the cheapest we can find at Shopee for RM 7.89 at or

There are two Korean Lotte Brand, the other one is brown in colour and that one is usually priced more than RM 10. This particular Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat is cheaper and the can is black in colour with ‘OK!’ word at the bottom left.

The can comes with a yellow plastic cover and it is 350gram. It is mixture of pork meat, wheat flour,salt, soya protein and many other flavouring. Basically it is has the ingredient of the usual luncheon meat but only the taste and the ratio of pork makes each brand different.

There is a lid on top of the can and you can easily open it. Squeeze the can so it generates space for the luncheon meat so you can easily take it out from the can. We will probably do a video in the future.

Cut the luncheon meat into smaller pieces and then you can cook it whatever style you want. Some prefer to cook it with egg while we love to pan fry it. We usually use butter (not margarine) to pan fry the luncheon meat.

We usually use medium heat and pan fried the sliced luncheon meat into golden brown color. That will give the luncheon meat slight crunchy texture on the outer layer. The texture of this Koran Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat is not too bad, it is softer and not that salty.

If you compare the texture of the Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat with Tulips Luncheon Meat, of course Tulip luncheon meat offer better texture and taste but it is at least 60-70% pricier. You buy two cans of Tulip means you can get three cans of Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat.

The Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat taste is pretty good and it is better than our expectation. The taste is not that salty and if you want more flavor, you can cook it with butter or else you can just add a bit of vegetable oil for pan fry. How you can to make the luncheon meat tastier is totally up to you.

You can always have luncheon meat with rice, noodles or bread. The reason luncheon meat is so popular during this time as it is easy to cook and it can be stocked up for months.

We will say Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat is pretty decent for its pricing, taste and texture. The local grocers and supermarkets are selling this at above RM 10 and you can get it at Shopee for RM 7.89 at or If we found cheaper seller, we will update the page here. Thanks for reading and this is our Korean Lotte Brand Luncheon Meat Review.

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