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Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Malaysia Review

Many people talking about smart tags lately and this is the latest product and gadget from Samsung Malaysia, the Galaxy Smart Tag. What is the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag? What are the functions and do you really need a Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag?

samsung galaxy smart tag malaysia

We did a short Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Set Up and Quick Review video so you know more about it and you can watch it below.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Set Up

Setting up Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag is super easy and as shown in the Youtube video above, you need the Smart Things app and it is already in Samsung smart phones.

Once you installed and set up your Smart Things App, you just need to put the Smart Tag next to the phone for it to detect and you can start registering the Smart Tag.

samsung smart things

If you have more than one Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag, you can actually name each and every one of them. The cool thing is you can also assigned different ring tones to every Smart Tag you registered so you can identify it.

How do you use Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag?

You can attached it to anything such as key, remote control, massager, hair dryer, pet, children, parents and anything that you can hook it with Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag.

samsung smart tag

You can use the Smart Things App to detect the Smart Tag around 100m using the Google Map. Hence, if you pet or children got lost, you can easily find them via the map and ring tone using the Smart Things App.

Please take note that you can also use the Samsung Smart Tag as a remote control for your Smart devices at home such as Smart Lights and more. You can use the Smart Things app to personalize your Smart Tag to the exact Smart devices.

samsung galaxy smart tag battery check

Please take note that the Samsung Smart Tag is not rechargeable but you can easily replace the battery. The lifespan depends on how you use the Smart Tag and it can go up to more than six months on normal usage.

The usability of the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag depends on individuals. Some people might find it more useful than others.

samsung galaxy smart tag

You can purchase the Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag in Malaysia at Shopee at: https://shp.ee/trfgck3 or at their official website at: https://www.samsung.com/my/mobile-accessories/galaxy-smarttag-plus-black-ei-t7300bbegww/

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