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Malaysian Vaccination Status of 14 June 2021

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Malaysian Vaccination Status of 14 June 2021

First of all, we must thank buddy Sharil of @memeranglaut for creating this infographic of the Malaysian Vaccination Status of 14 June 2021. He created the Malaysian Vaccination Status of 14 June 2021 infographic based on the statistics released by @jkajavmy of

Let us break down some of the important information from the Malaysian Vaccination Status of 14 June 2021.

There are only 59% of Malaysians registered for COVID-19 vaccination. From the 59% of Malaysian registered, only 13.5% adults were given single dose while 5.8% adults were given double dose.

In short only 13.5% adults are vaccinated from the 59% of Malaysians registered which means less than 8% Malaysian adults are vaccinated! You can find that information from Reuters at

In February, the Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has given the details on the three Covid-19 vaccination phases.

First Phase: 500,000 health and non-health frontliners from end of February to end of April.

Second Phase: 9.4 million people with Covid-19 high-risk groups, namely senior citizens, vulnerable individuals with comorbidities and disabled persons from April to August.

Third Phase: Adults aged 18 and above from May to February next year running concurrently with second phase.

From what we know is there are only 4.4 million people are vaccinated with 1st dose and 2nd dose. Only 3.2 million people are given the first dose of vaccination. This is less than 9.4 million people projected to complete by end of August.

Now, the interesting part. Which states got the most vaccinations and which state got the least vaccination.

We read that there were many people in Kelantan didn’t go for their vaccination but the statistic shows that 30% of registered have been vaccinated with the first dose.

Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia only received 13.8% first dose vaccination rate and it is the lowest compare to the other 13 states in Malaysia. Is there any reasons for this? We have no idea and the same goes to Penang which has 17.9% vaccination rate. The same goes with Johor with 17.9% vaccination rate and Melaka 17.8% vaccination rate. What are the common thing with these states? You know I know.

For those who followed my blog, I have health condition as I was hospitalised recently and up to today, I have no dates for COVID-19 vaccination. What are the reasons? No one knows and everyone is getting tired of it.

We hear friends and people we know are infected and some are dying with COVID-19 and yet the vaccination rate is slow especially in Selangor!  There are nothing we can do but only waiting for our vaccination date like striking a lottery to be honest.

Lastly, we really need to thank @memeranglaut for creating this infographic of the Malaysian Vaccination Status of 14 June 2021 and @jkajavmy for the current update of the statistics.

We hope everyone stay at home, keep on refreshing the MySejahtera App and hope we get vaccinated one day. Please take care, be safe, be strong and stay alive! Thanks for reading.


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