July 18, 2024


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Help and Get Help with Kitajaga.co Realtime Map

We just got to know about this from Twitter and we would love to share this good initiative by kitajag.co. kitajaga.co is a platform for the community to offer help and to receive help in volunteer. What we like is the realtime map so you can help and get help with the kitajaga.co platform.

kitajaga.co map

You can check Help and Get Help with Kitajaga.co Realtime Map at https://kitajaga.co/. Red icons mean they need help while blue icons mean they can offer help. You can click at one of them and it will lead them to their name, address and what they need.

Please read about kitajaga.co privacy policy at https://www.notion.so/kitajaga-co-Privacy-Policy-bbea0e5dab3a48fc9980322e97a0008e

kitajaga.co help

If you want to participate and make the kitajaga.co platform better, you can join their Telegram group at https://t.me/kitajaga

We just want to spread the words and for those who want to Help and Get Help with Kitajaga.co Realtime Map. Please take care and be safe everyone.

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