December 1, 2023


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Meet Mee Pan Mee Soup Review

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Meet Mee Pan Mee Soup Review

During this EMCO or MCO of whatever you want to call it as we lost count how many days we are in this lockdown, we purchased many different food especially noodles online from Shopee. This is Meet Mee Mum’s Pan Mee Soup from Shopee at: This is not a sponsored review but something we wanted to share during this time.

meet mee pan mee

They offer the soup pan mee version and the chilli pan mee version and other noodles too. We ordered a few packets of Meet Mee Pan Mee from Shopee and they are quite reasonable in pricing.

The Meet Mee Pan Mee Soup comes with either thick noodles or thin noodles. We bought the thick noodles as the thin noodles were sold out.

meet mee mum panmee soup

The Meet Mee Pan Mee Soup comes with the pan mee, soup flavouring, fried anchovies and fried shallot.

The noodles take a couple of minutes to get the soft and firm texture while the seasoning is fragrant with the anchovies taste. The pan mee taste and texture is up to our expectation and the kids loved it.

meet mee panmee soup

Together with the fried anchovies and fried shallots, you might want to add some greens and some black pepper to spice up the taste. The fried anchovies and fried shallot is still crispy so it adds the texture to the soup pan mee. You can also add some chili prawn sambal to add some spiciness to the pan mee too! You can try this Sambal Prawn from Shopee at:

meet mee pan mee review

Overall, this Meet Mee Pan Mee Soup is really tasty and worth to buy. We loved it, the kids loved and this is something simple and looks healthy to have for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

You can get Meet Mee Pan Mee Soup from Shopee at: This is Meet Mee Pan Mee Soup Review and this is comfort food!

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