June 16, 2024


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COVID 19 Private Hospital Bill Over RM 300k

There is COVID 19 Private Hospital Bill Over RM 300k circulating on Facebook and Whatsapp now. The unknown source COVID 19 Private Hospital Bill is at RM 346,182.48 after 46 days of ICU (intensive care unit).

covid hospital bill

The ICU unit is priced at RM 20,700 for 46 days and it is RM 450 per night. The expensive part of the bill are the laboratory, medical equipment, nursing procedure, pharmacy (medicine) and surgical /medical supplies. The COVID 19 Private Hospital total Bill comes to over RM 300,000.

There is also another photo of the estimation cost of COVID 19 cases of the same private hospital and for average length of stays over 15 days, the average bills are ranging from RM 100,000 – RM 200,000.

covid hospital bill estimation

There is also disclaimer that any patients under insurance or MCO, the coverage is subject to the approval of your company or own policy.

Please consult your insurance agent and company before you admit to a private hospital for COVID-19 hospitalization.

For the past week, we read that many COVID-19 death posts on Facebook among our friends and family. Please wear face mask and follow SOP although you have completed two doses of COVID-19 vaccinations.

Please take care everyone, stay at home and be safe.

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