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Petite Audrey Café Siam Center

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Petite Audrey Café Siam Center

You probably heard or been to After You Café Desserts in Bangkok. Another popular local café you must try is Petite Audrey Café and their first café in departmental store is located at Siam Center.

petite audrey

We visited Petite Audrey Café at Siam Center a few times. The popular Thai café is owned by celebrity and former member of parliament, Janista Lewchalermvongse (Bam).


Petite Audrey Café Siam Center is a beautiful English theme café inside the shopping mall. The café is very popular among the locals and they serve fusion local and Western food.

PETITE AUDREY milo sizzling roti
Milo Sizzling Roti

This is fried roti (roti canai) topped with Milo crumble, marshmallow, Milo Powder, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream, Milo Sauce and served in hot plate.

Lots of sweet elements for this and the fun part is hot and cold. The roti is sizzling hot while the toppings are cold so this is the selling point of this dessert. They also offer different types of toppings with roti served in hot plate.

The taste for this is sweet as you will get ‘Milo’ rush and also different texture of the roti and the ice cream. If you are a Milo lover, you definitely like this.

We thought the hot and cold combination is quite unique and this is something you can consider if you are curious how Milo taste with roti.

PETITE AUDREY thai tea crepe
Thai Tea Crepe Cake

There are many crepe bakeries in Malaysia and hence this might not be that unique for us. The Thai Tea crepe is creamy, fragrant with the sweet Thai tea taste while the texture is soft. Crepe cakes are always enjoyable as we enjoyed the multilayer texture cake.

The Petite Audrey Café is also popular with their ‘flower pot’ dessert and we couldn’t find the photo of us having it. They are selling it by the dozens daily and you can find many people ordering that too.

Petite Audrey Café Siam Center is definitely one of the places you can enjoy dessert especially you need a short break after a long day in Bangkok. Most of the food here are pretty good and tasty depending on your taste bud.

When can we travel to Thailand? Follow our blog and we will update once there are official words on it. For now, please take care and be safe. Travel when it is safe to do so!

Petite Audrey Café Siam Center

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 10PM

Located in: Siam Center

Address: 989 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

Phone: +66 2 658 1545

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