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Sala Keoku Park Nong Khai Thailand

This is one of the unique places to visit in the province of Nong Khai Thailand. This is Sala Keoku or it is also known as Buddha Park of Nong Khai Thailand.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai park

The Sala Keoku Park is located in Nong Khai and near the Thailand Laos border and the Mekong River. We visited Sala Keoku during winter time and it was very cold as temperature can go below 10 °C. Winter time in Northern Thailand is from December to January and we visited Nong Khai in one of their coldest winters in century.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai Thailand entrance

The Sala Keoku Park is a park featuring concrete sculptures inspired by Buddhism and Hinduism. There is a small entrance fees to enter the park and you can spend some time exploring the Buddhism and Hindusm. The park is built and reflects the vision of Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat and his followers.

Who is Bunleua Sulilat?

Bunleua Sulilat is a Thai/Isan/Lao mystic, myth-maker, spiritual cult leader and sculpture artist. He created the Sala Keoku Park as well as the Buddha Park on the other side of the river in Laos. We visited both of the religious theme parks featuring Buddhism and Hindusm sculptures.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai park

The construction started in 1978. It shares the style of Sulilat’s earlier creation, which is the Buddha Park on the Laos side of Mekong but there are difference in terms of design and sculptures and that makes this Sala Keoku Buddha Park unique.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai Thailand big buddha

You can easily notice some of sculptures are tall and high and they are as tall as 25 metres.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai Thailand tall buddha

The highlight of the Sala Keoku sculpture is the meditating Buddha. The Buddha sculpture is meditating under the protection of a seven headed Naga snake.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai Thailand meditating buddha

It is a unique blend of region arts and design by Sulilat and his representation of the snakes.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai Thailand buddha

You can also find the Sala Keoku pavilion which is the three story concrete building. It is covered by many pillars and this is constructed after Sulilat’s death and the third floor houses artifacts as well as Sulilat’s mummified body. We didn’t enter the building.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai Thailand complex

There are many Buddhism and Hinduism sculptures with its representations and meanings written in Thai. If you really want to know all its meaning, maybe you can ask around for translation and you might need hours to understand and learn all the meanings of the Sala Keoku Park sculptures.

Sala Keoku park thailand

Sala Keoku Park is a unique park and only two of this kind in the world. This makes Sala Keoku Park a must visit when you are in Nong Khai Thailand.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai wheel of life

The Sala Keoku Park is located near the border of Thailand and Laos. The nearest airport is Wattay International Airport in Vientiane Laos. We flew to Vientiane to visit the Nong Khai Thailand as it was the fastest and cheapest way.

Sala Keoku Nongkhai Thailand

This is the Sala Keoku Park at Nong Khai Thailand. Time to discover the unseen Thailand and you will find many unique and interesting places in the Land of Smiles.

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