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Self Drive in Phuket Food and Travel Tips

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Self Drive in Phuket Food and Travel Tips

Phuket is one of the most popular destinations in Thailand. Every year, there are thousands of local and International tourists will visit the island located in Southern Thailand. However, not many tourists do not aware that they can self drive around the island. This is the reason why we are going to talk about Self Drive in Phuket Food and Travel Tips.

phuket self drive

Last month, the Tourism Authority of Thailand initiated the Phuket Sandbox Project which allows International tourists to visit the island. However there are some conditions are set for the International tourists such as fully vaccination with COVID tests and they must stay within selected resorts and hotels with SHA certification for 14 days. More details you can read: https://www.placesandfoods.com/2021/06/requirements-to-enter-phuket-on-1-july-2021.html

Car Rentals

Car rentals are aplenty at Phuket International Airport. You can find many popular International Car Rental Companies as well as local Thai Car Rental Companies.

phuket car rentals

You can always pre book the car rentals or you can book it at the Phuket International Airport. There are many car rental counters once you exit the customs at International Arrivals.

We usually choose Thai Rent A Car as they are one of the biggest car rentals in Thailand. Thus, they offer competitive pricing and cars for rentals.

What you need for car rental are your credit card, your driving license and your passport. They will photocopy the driving license and passport on the spot after you chose your car rental package.

thai rent a car almeera

Next, they will guide you to your car rental and check the car thoroughly. We usually take photos of the cars in all angles for evidence especially scratches or minor dents for proofs.

Petrol Stations

We highly advised everyone to get a local SIM card or a portable wifi so you can use either the Google Map or Waze. There are many petrol stations around the island and hence you don’t need worry about not enough fuels.

All petrol stations take credit cards and cash so you don’t have to worry much about payment methods. There are usually petrol staffs will assist you in petrol stations.


Phuket is a huge island and there are many hidden places and beaches to venture. The beauty of self drive in Phuket is you can explore these places at your own pace. Regardless where you stay on the island, you can take an easy drive around the island.

The best part of self drive in Phuket is you can go where ever you want in the expense of your time. You can be adventurous driving around or just taking your sweet time exploring the hidden parts of Phuket.


There are more than 10 beaches in Phuket and the popular ones are Patong Beach, Kata Beach and Baron Beach. Usually you will see the crowd in these three beaches especially Patong Beach.

naithorn beach phuket blue cloudy sky
Naithorn beach

However, if you want secluded or quieter beach, there are a few beaches you can visit in Phuket such as Naithorn Beach, Naihan Beach and Banana Beach.

naithorn beach phuket with trees
Naithorn beach

These beaches are beautiful but they are lesser in people as they are not located in the popular tourist hotspot.

naihan beach phuket girl with blue bikini
Naihan Beach

You can simply park and chill at the beaches at your own sweet time. Always take note of your belonging whenever you are at the beach.

The Karon View Point

This is the Karon View Point and you get the beautiful view of three popular beaches, the Karon Beach, the Kata Beach and the Patong Beach.

phuket karon viewpoint

There are parking spaces at this view point and you can drive up the hill and enjoy the magnificent sunset view.

Promthep Cape

This is one of the popular tourist destinations in Phuket. We visited this place first in 1992 and a few more times in recent years.

phuket prompthep cape

What is so amazing about the Promthep Cape is the stunning view of the sunset and you can find bus load of tourists visiting this place from morning till sunset.

You can self drive to Promthep Cape and take your time to enjoy this mesmerizing view in Phuket.

Big Buddha

This the famous Big Buddha in Phuket sits on top of the hill in Chalong. You can spot the white big Buddha from far and you can slowly drive up even with the smallest car.

phuket white buddha
phuket big buddha

On top of the hill, you get the breathtaking 360 degrees view of the Phuket island. This is one of the few places you can get unobstructed view of the island.

phuket thailand

Phuket Old Town

Most of us chose to stay near the beaches but one of the best places to stay and venture for food is Phuket Old Town.

phuket old town

The Phuket Old Town reflects on the history and the culture of the island. You can find mixture of Sino-Thai and Western architecture pre-war buildings similar to the ones in Penang and Singapore.

phuket old town street art

On top of that, there are also street art or mural paintings at various parts of Phuket Old Town. This is to attract more local and International tourists to this part of Phuket.

phuket town hong fish congee kitchen chef

The old town is also the home of many local street food in Phuket. Most of the popular street food in Old Town Phuket is listed under the Michelin Guide Phuket.

What you need to know is you are paying street food price for Michelin Guide worthy food. Thus, you can check out most of the popular Phuket Street Food under the Michelin Guide at https://www.placesandfoods.com/themichelinguidethailand

Wat Chalong Buddhist Temple

There are 29 Buddhist Temples in Phuket and Wat Chalong or Chaithararam is the most popular and well known temple in Phuket. There are Phra BoromSareerikatat (fragment of a bone of the Buddha) kept on top of the Phra Mahathat chedi.

phuket wat chalong

Please take note that no sandals are allowed and press dress properly if you plan to enter the temple. The Wat Chalong temple is open daily from 7 am until 5 pm. There is no entrance fees and you get to see dozens of coaches and busses of tourists from around the world.

 Chillva Night Market

We discovered this night market during self drive and it is located near the Phuket City. This is a rather small night market with live band and many food stalls and some fashion and souvenir stalls.

phuket chillva market

This is the night market that you find many locals instead of International tourists. Most of the things here are relatively cheaper than the other night markets.

Da Hood Food Market Patong

Right behind Jungceylon Shopping Mall, there is a food night market. This is the place you can find many local food at affordable prices. The prices of the food is cheaper than the restaurants at the Patong beach front restaurants.

phuket da hood
phuket da hood food market

You can take a stroll and check out the local food before you order them. You will be spoilt with choice.

 Seafood Night Market at Rawai

Are you a big fan of seafood? Then you should head on to the seafood night market at Rawai. This place could be slightly touristy but you can choose the seafood you want and you can ask for a discount.

phuket rawai night market

Some of the popular seafood here includes lobster, prawns and crabs. You can choose the seafood you want and then eat it at the nearby restaurant. Most restaurant here charge a small cooking fee.

 Fantasea Show

Fantasea Show is the most popular show in Phuket. They have been around for over 30 years and the show offers fabulous grand night time ‘theme park’ displays.

phuket fantasea

The show offers Thailand’s rich and diverse culture from its various regions and it charms guests from all over the world with its many flamboyant shows and attractions using illusions, acrobatics and more.

They also offer pre-show dinner buffet that you won’t regret joining.

You can book the tickets online with KKday at https://www.kkday.com/en/product/295?cid=8500 or Klook at https://www.klook.com/en-MY/activity/294-phuket-fantasea-phuket/?aid=602

Siam Niramit Show

We watched Siam Niramit show in Bangkok before they opened another show in Phuket. It is a world class performance of Thailand’s art and cultural heritage.

phuket siam niramit

The spectacular show features over 100 performers with costumes and stunning set designs. There are also enhanced special effects to create a very realistic, stimulating and entertaining show.

There is also pre-show dinner with performances available at Siam Niramit Show Phuket.

Book it at:



Dolphins Bay Phuket

This is one of the newest and latest attraction in Phuket. Dolphins Bay Phuket offers three shows a day and you get up close and personal with the dolphins.

phuket dolphin bay

The show is perfect for family and children as they will enjoy the show of the dolphins with their trainers. Get the VIP seats and get really close with the dolphins. We saw similar shows in Japan.

Book it at:



Simon Cabaret Show

There are a few cabaret shows in Phuket and Simon Cabaret Show is one of them. This is one of most popular ‘ladyboy’ shows on the island and is a must watch for first timer.

phuket simon cabaret

You will be seated in the theatre and will enjoy the extravagant and glamourous show. There will be themes and the music and backdrops will change from time to time. Expect the unexpected and you get the chance to meet the stars after the show. You can book online at https://www.klook.com/en-MY/activity/292-simon-cabaret-show-phuket/?aid=602

Central Phuket Mall

Central Phuket Mall is bigger after the expansion and it is the largest shopping mall in Phuket. We visited the mall when they opened the Central Festival Mall and recently they built the Central Florest Mall which is located next to each other.

phuket central

 The Central Departmental store moved to Central Florest Mall and you can find many retail shopping stores as well as restaurants in both malls.

There is also cinema and other entertainment outlets here at Central Phuket Mall. Please take note that shopping malls might charge parking fees.

Jungceylon Shopping Mall

The biggest shopping mall in Patong, the Jungceylon Shopping Mall. This is the mall you get the popular restaurants especially the fast food restaurants like KFC, McD and also local restaurants.

phuket jungceylon

The shopping mall is fully airconditioned and there is also the Big C Hypermarket inside this mall. This is the place to chill during day time to hide from the sun.

There is also a movie theatre inside Jungceylon Shopping Mall. Please take note that shopping malls might charge parking fees.

phuket patong beach

Waterfalls in Phuket

There are a couple of waterfalls in Phuket and they are Kathu Waterfall, Bang Pae Waterfall, Tonsai Waterfall and Bang Wan waterfall.

Please visit the waterfalls in pairs or more as there are incidents and cases that people might get lost in the jungle. Do visit the waterfall with a guide for your own safety.

Outdoor and Extreme Activities.

There are many outdoor and extreme activities such as bungee jump, ATV ride or more. Please do understand the risk and your health risk before joining these activities.

phuket tiger club show

Island Tours

Please take note that most island tour operators will offer free pick up from your hotel or resort and hence you don’t need to self drive to the jetty. There are many island tours available in Phuket such as Phi Phi Island Tours, Maiton Island, Khai Island and more.

phuket maiton island
Maiton Island

Lastly, please abide the driving rules in Thailand. Just drive as per the limit, you will do fine. Please take note that it is advisable you return the car early for the car rental companies. As we mentioned, we have no issues with reputable car rental companies in Thailand including other part of Thailand. If you want to maximise your experience in Phuket, please do self drive for food and travel adventure.

phuket selfdrive

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