December 8, 2023


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Thailand Hotel Offers Discount for POPCAT Clicks

For the past week, many Malaysians joined and played POPCAT to battle for the top spot of the leaderboard. Taiwan was leading the leaderboard and Malaysia jumped to second. That changes when Thailand enter the game and gets number one within days. They are 55 billion clicks and Taiwan is chasing them on the second spot. During this crazy POPCAT times, a hotel in Thailand offers discount for POPCAT clicks.


This is La a natu bed & bakery, a beautiful resort at Prachuap Khiri Khan Thailand. They invited us over for a stay some time ago but we didn’t manage to travel due to our busy schedule. La a natu bed & bakery offers a discount of 1,000 baht for POPCAT 10,000 clicks during this POPCAT click craze in Thailand. This is a creative way to market their resort as well as getting people to travel and stay in their property.


The La a natu bed & bakery POPCAT 10,000 clicks discounts are as follows:

The price includes breakfast and afternoon tea set. Reservations must specify the date of stay.

– Tropical Village, weekdays 6,500 baht, reduced to 5,500 baht

– Tropical Cottage, weekdays 7,500 baht, reduced to 6,500 baht

– Tropical Village Family, weekdays 9,000 baht, reduced to 8,000 baht

– Vanila Suite, weekdays 14,000 baht, reduced to 13,000 baht

Stay on Friday, Saturday and holidays, pay an additional 1,000 baht.

Open for sale until August 16, 2021 only.

Stay 1 September – 31 October 2021

The promotional page received over 1.3k shares and 500 comments!


This is a creative way to market the hotel rooms during this difficult times. We hope to visit La a natu bed & bakery in the future and this is the Thailand Hotel that Offers Discount for POPCAT Clicks.


The La a natu bed & bakery POPCAT clicks discount is over but we do update when we hear anything from them again. This is amazing POPCAT clicks and Amazing Thailand.

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