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Thailand COVID Insurance Companies for International Vaccinated Travelers

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Thailand COVID Insurance Companies for International Vaccinated Travelers

Thailand is the talk of the town as many International Vaccinated Travelers wanted to visit the Land Of Smiles. Please take note that only Phuket and Samui allows International Vaccinated Travelers without quarantine at this time including Malaysians. The few main criteria includes fully COVID vaccinated, PCR test negative, COE application, Thailand COVID insurance and more. For full information, you can read it at https://www.placesandfoods.com/2021/06/phuket-sandbox-initial-information.html

Thailand COVID Insurance Companies for International Vaccinated Travelers

One of the most important criteria for International Vaccinated Travelers entering Thailand is the Thailand COVID Insurance for International Vaccinated Travelers that meets USD 100,000 coverage.

Not many insurance agencies are offering travel COVID insurance at this time but we found three companies that you can purchase online.

The three are Thailand COVID Insurance companies include Safety Wing, Tune Protect and AXA. Safety Wing is the cheapest but they offer ‘no asymptomatic coverage’ and this means the policy do not cover when you test positive (without symptoms) and you will have to go to an AHQ hospital for 14 days. Tune Protect and AXA covers asymptomatic coverage and we prefer these two as we purchased their travel insurances in the past.

Please purchase Thailand COVID Insurance for 30 days as if you get test positive in Thailand, you are at least covered or else you have to pay from your pocket. We do not know what are the costs but it is better be safe than sorry.

Thailand COVID Insurance tunetalk
Thailand COVID Insurance Tune Protect

Please take note that the Thailand COVID Insurance price is based on age and also the country of origin. You will pay more when you are older as it is consider as high risk.

Thailand COVID Insurance axa
Thailand COVID Insurance AXA based on my age

Based on my age and country for Malaysia, the cheapest Thailand COVID Insurance is Tune Protect from 3100 THB and AXA from 4130 THB. Please read through what their Thailand COVID Insurance covers and their rules and regulations. Like I mentioned earlier, I bought from both companies in the past.

Here are the links for Thailand COVID Insurance:

Tune Protect: https://www.tuneprotect.com/airasia/ipass/index.php

AXA: https://direct.axa.co.th/TA-Inbound/CoverageOptionPlan

We hope this helps when you plan to travel to Thailand in this upcoming weeks. Please do comment if you have any questions. This is Thailand COVID Insurance Companies for International Vaccinated Travelers.

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